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  • Launched Equentis - Research & Ranking , an equity advisory platform.


  • Celebrated onboarding first 1000 subscribers.
  • Built Technology Center & Sales office in Delhi.


  • Onboarded 100 Premium Membership Program Subscribers.
  • Launched a new product - Dhanwaan for HNI's.


  • Celebrated 100 Dhanwaan Subscribers.
  • Inaugurated Corporate Office in Mumbai and large branch office in Bangalore.


  • Crossed the mark of 10K subscribers.
  • Crossed 150+ member team.


  • 2.4X YOY Revenue Growth.
  • Celebrated 3K PMP subscribers and 20K paid subscribers.


  • Launched a new premium product - Ten Trillion Opportunity (TTO) for U-HNI's.
  • Launched an Ed-Tech platform - Informed InvestoRR.


So what’s next? We have plenty planned for the next year.

Change is the ONLY Constant. Ready to be a part of the change...
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What our customers Say about us

Ramesh Verma

One of the most trusted investment advisory services institution for investing in share market Trust them Invest as per their guidelines Sit back relax Keep patience to ripe the fruit over the recommended period One of most beautiful aspect of advisory is to provide Exit note just on time

Cyrus Jalnawala

The deep understanding of the markets, sectors is very impressive. The informative sessions by experienced leaders in the financial markets helps me to enhance my awareness. The employees who support me are regularly updating me, checking periodically, hand holding , they are all great. I am very pleased that I signed up and then upgraded to a life account, just seeing the service and advisory in a few months.

Shankar Amarshetti

R&R is providing leads with high accuracy, One n all can believe & invest in advised portfolios blindly & should take complete advantage to improve wealth conditions. Market may be volatile, R&R is taking care of you. 5in5 is guarantee & belief. Good Luck everyone.

Ashok Awasthi

At the time of my retirement, I had little knowledge of the share market and was reluctant to invest in equity.But the bank interest rates were plunging down due to Corona and other factors. I took membership of Research & Ranking 5 in 5 and Mispriced Opportunities Advisory Services. The Guidance has been timely and the Investment has given Very Good results. The logic/inputs provided by them for each Investment has also helped me to Understand the share market and have confidence in the Investment decision and fundamentals of each investment. I feel I am Lucky that I chose R&R to guide me

Kalpesh Merchant

I am associated with R&R from last 2 yrs, initially I subscribed for 5in5 service but after seeing the value of research the team does and the input they provide, I took the decision to subscribe for life time membership. I am very happy with their services, the insight they provide through research on each of the recommendation. A great association in journey of wealth creation

Srinivas Reddy

Excellent service....i am happy with ur good quality life is changed bcoz of Research & Ranking......l joined 2yrs back in Research & Ranking my portfolio is overall 140% up

Ameya Kank

I have been investing with R&R for over 8-9 months now. They suggest good stocks for short term period which has on average given me around 25-30% returns. The communication on buy and exit is up to date. The long term portfolio suggested by them is also doing good. I loved the pre IPO service offered and have recently bought unlisted shares. The team ensures a service check every month or two by calling and asking on service. I would recommend this 100%.

Sambit Banerjee

As per my experience Stock recommendation by Research and Ranking is almost 95% perfect. They are sending regularly company financial report/quarterly return, latest news etc. . Overall their service as a financial advisor is excellent.

Veera Rapolu

Thank you R&R for rewarding recommendations and helping take informed decisions on equity investments. R&R services definitely help new comers like me invest in equities while managing risks and volatility through informed investor services.

Thirupathi Arumugam (Tamil)

Customer Testimonial

Research & Ranking, (SEBI-registered) India's first technology-enabled company to offer a smart personalized portfolio designed to achieve wealth creation, better investment behavior, and exceptional investing experience. Headquartered in Mumbai, R&R's cardinal aim since inception has been “Wealth Creation” through long-term equity investing by cutting out hassles, superfluous expenses, and malign methods. Incorporated in the year 2016, R&R has educated, empowered, and realized the financial goals for thousands of investors by offering a tailor-made portfolio based on their profile.

Arumugam Tirupati (English)

Customer Testimonial

So I am Thirupathi Arumugam. I am from Chennai. If you are a long term investor and you invest in equities, the probability of losing over a period of 5 - 10 years is very minimal. Same way In investment also, you need a lot of skills and analytic abilities. You need to engage with a good set of people who are highly professional, who are trustworthy and even if we pay a small amount of fee for that, it should be worth it and I found Research and Ranking, Long term investing will always help you to build wealth. I have been investing in equity for a long term. I am looking for some good research firms which can help me And advising me for growing my wealth I spoke to research & Ranking for a year and then joined them Their research reports are good for me As of now, I have started following them, I have invested a substantial amount I hope to see good growth and I would like to associate with them And see for good wealth building in my journey.

Hitesh Chauhan

Customer Testimonial

My name is Hitesh Chauhan. I am from Vadodara, Gujarat. I have been associated with RnR for many years. I have learned a lot from Research And Ranking. I have overcome my fear of the market. The future is bright. I have learned how to stay connected with the market with the same concept. I have learned how to do value growth investments in the market. I have learned a lot from Research And Ranking about investment strategy. I have recommended it to my friends circle also, because our knowledge is not that deep which R&R keeps giving us. The way communication and recommendation comes from them, our fear goes away, investment opportunities increase and financial growth is growing very well.

Mukesh Mistry

Customer Testimonial

My name is Mukesh Mistry and I belong to Surat, Gujarat. Initially, I subscribed for 5 in 5 strategy for one year, after getting very good results. The second year, I subscribed for a membership. Their attitude and approach towards investment are truly professional. They not only guide the investor but help investors to grow wealth creation.

Prashant shah

Customer Testimonial

I am Prashant Shah Through R & R, I did create wealth …but wealth creation was stress-free. In that way, I have availed the R & R Dhanwaan scheme. After associating with R & R… we can get educated. So, I am suggesting this to everyone. If you associate with an organized company like R & R and invest… Then we can create wealth without stress. Thank you!

Sandeep Gupta

Customer Testimonial

Hi, my name is Dr. Sandeep Gupta. I'm a wealth accelerator coach and I came across research and ranking approximately 18 months ago and then I subscribed to their services and it has It was a great experience working with them. I was keep getting alerts on the right time where to invest and where not to invest and weekly and monthly reports has been given an immense knowledge as an all opportunities to look forward that where I can invest and when I see the reports and the tangibility of the reports and the performance after 6 months and 18 months it has been a good growth in the portfolio and brilliant job research and ranking and I am wishing you accelerated wealth in life plus keep updating us with more updates and all. Thank you so much.

Sandeep Suryavanshi

Customer Testimonial

Hello, I am Sandeep Suryawanshi from Nandurbar proper. To enter stocks, I needed some hand holding and was in doubt about how to analyze the stock market. So I saw some of their videos and accordingly started. I took a membership. So it's been at least 2 years I have invested in good stocks, and their regular reports are there, Customer care is being talked about.

Mohammed Irfan Khan

R&R services are very good, as they inform us by mail and by message regarding when to enter and when to exit. So we don’t have to take any tension because each everything regarding wealth creation is managed by R&R.

Dr. Prasad Bansod

R&R offers a comprehensive portfolio solution. The all- inclusive study, rigorous analysis and exhaustive market research over a wide area shows the true potential of R&R researchers. Frankly speaking, I don’t fear the bears anymore!

Desika Raghavan

Excellent! all your analysis is in detail and carry superior contents. as always, it is reassuring to the investors. I wholeheartedly appreciate all your efforts in keeping the interest of your client as its prime focus. you can be rest assured that such approaches would definitely take the company in a positive direction.

Dr. Umesh Khatal

I could establish confidence in your service due to your In-Depth Research Reports on all recommended stock in the Portfolio with no need for me to make any investment decisions in panic.

Mr. Altaf Rehmani

I am especially impressed by your personal touch, full hand holding in the sense of where and for how long to make investments and a good long term portfolio approach for 5 times returns.

Dama Shiva Kumar

I subscribed with Research & Ranking in Nov’16 and as promised, my free Gift Shares worth INR 5000/- was sent to me timely. I found this Gift Shares concept to be really innovative and for customer benefit. All my queries are properly replied back, either via a phone call or email.

T. Udayaraj

I wish to convey my thanks to the entire R&R team for their efforts. I have read your exhaustive Research Reports on various businesses. I can understand that you must have had to do a very intense homework before you could prepare these in-depth reports. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Bharat H Doshi

I have 30 years experience in investing. Great features, gives me allocation as per my investment capacity, gives quantity to buy. Number of scripts were on my radar, waiting for right opportunity to buy, you just gave me a dose of vitamin and reconfirmed my thought process. You gave me more courage and conviction to go ahead and put my plan in action.

Ram Amin

Many thanks Anju for calling and for the excellent customer service. Mr. Goel went through my email in a very professional way and answered all my concerns. That call made me realize that this is a solid Hindustani Company with solid foundations. Thank you again for a great service.

Anup Chaudhuri

In the world of mad rush of buying & selling of stocks in order to make quick profit (or loss), your company stands apart. You guys find out the best companies to invest after in-depth research work. When I hear from you or contact you, your nature is reflected i.e. be patient – no need to hurry because investment is a marathon.

S Suresh Babu

Dear Team Greetings to you. I am using your service for the last 4 months starting from 27th March 2017. First of all I would like to congratulate the entire R&R team for the excellent research and picking of Shares. With the last 4 months experience I am very confident on your research and shares picking and the growth % of two digit is very easy.

Praveen Nune

I feel that the gift shares is a fantastic option and best way to give back to your customers. This also brings confidence into the investors to trust your analysts.

Vasudeva Kothamasu

I am extremely happy with the service of Research and Ranking. The Research and Ranking team recommendations are backed by detailed and thorough analysis. They also do an excellent tracking of results and market trends and you are never left in dark. The subscription is worth every penny.

Girish Jagtap

The timely updates provided by your research team are really very helpful. Also your recommendation of buy / sell is supported by detailed study report which really help us. Hope you will be of great assistance to all of us in creating our long term wealth creation objective. Cheers to the team!

Ramesh Hegde

After joining you, I have experienced that the benefit of structured portfolio that has given me a lot of relief for managing the funds.

Vipul Agarwal

R&R biggest plus point is simplicity with sophistication. I can compare it to iPhone. Simple yet powerful and elegant. Your reports are divided into three different reports. This approach make it possible for working professional like me to glance over the report and reach to some quick conclusion.

Virender Arora

R&R is helping me to identify strong stocks from a huge pile of stocks, which is difficult to scan through for a person like me who is busy in other day to day activities and job. The other added advantage of R&R is that I do not need to track the day to day events of these stocks.

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