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Why should I subscribe to your service?

Our singular focus right from inception has been “Wealth Creation” through long term equity investments.

The platform executes over 300 algorithms to analyze Risk Tolerance, Selection of the Stocks, Diversification of the Portfolio, as well as Portfolio Allocation of each Stock and then create a Personalized Portfolio of 15-20 Fundamentally Sound Stocks for you.

The model also keeps a 24×7 track of the investor’s portfolio companies throughout the year and provides rebalancing as required.

How old is your company in this business?

As part of Equentis group, we have had the advantage of being full time into the world of investments, with primary focus on equity markets in India since 2009. Our initial focus was only HNI clientele; however we realized that our “Wealth Creation” strategy can be equally effective for retail investors as well. This is when we opened Research and Ranking ( platform about 13 years ago for retail investors.

How many clients do you have?

We have close to 8.2 Lacs+ registered users and 33,000+ Happy Customers.

What is the minimum amount that I can start investing with based on your recommended stock portfolio?

If you are planning for a lump sum investment, then you may start as small as INR. 2 – 3 lac capital for investment. Generally we recommend SIP while buying stocks. So, after enrolling for our subscription you may start an SIP in the R&R recommended Personalized Portfolio. We recommend our Online Personalized Portfolio service if your investible surplus is up to 25 lakhs. If you have an investible surplus greater than or equal to 25 lakh we recommend you to call us to know more about our Offline service for Ultra HNI clients.

Is it the right time to enter the market?

We believe that the Time you stay invested for works in favor of wealth creation rather than Timing the markets. To avoid timing the market, we recommend buying stocks in SIP manner in our recommended portfolio. Also we believe that if the company fundamentals are moving in the right direction, the stock price has a stronger probability of moving higher no matter when you enter the market.

Why I should buy Rs 500 or Rs 5000 stock and not the stocks which are trading at much lower levels say 20-30-40 Rs?

A common saying says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Similarly, “Don’t judge a stock by its share price“. Investors often make the mistake of looking only at stock price, because it is often the most visibly quoted number in the financial press. However, the actual price of a stock means very little unless many other factors are considered. It is only the certainty and quality of earnings growth profile which will determine the upside potential of a stock, irrespective of the levels at which it is currently trading. A Rs 300 scrip may swell and have the potential of being a Rs. 5000 scrip whereas a Rs. 50 scrip may well slide to trade to 5 Rupees. To conclude – Irrespective of the current market price, the fair value of a stock is a function of its earnings growth potential and valuation multiple; thereby determining the corresponding upside / downside. Eg.- Over the last 5 yrs – Welspun Corp from Rs. 150/- is down and now trading at Rs. 85/- whereas Eicher Motors from Rs. 1700/- has catapulted to over Rs. 25000/- over the same period. Over the last 5 yrs – Reliance Communications from Rs. 68/- is down to Rs. 19/- whereas Maruti from Rs. 1100/- has catapulted to over Rs. 7300/- over the same period. Hence, stock price per say should have no bearing in guiding your stock picking skills. The ability to understand business and their potential and what would be a fair valuation multiple, amongst many other qualitative factors would all imply the upside potential.

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