Mispriced Opportunities

A systematic solution


Who should avail?

Ideal for investors...

who can invest Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 monthly

looking for medium-term returns

keen on investing on a regular, monthly basis.

looking to invest their liquid capital

Features of Mispriced Opportunities

Creating industry-first features


Monthly Stock Recommendations:

1 high-growth stock recommendation every month, that is trading below its intrinsic value.


User-friendly Web & App Interface

Get a smart dashboard at your fingertip for tracking all your investments.


Real-time Buy-Hold-Sell Alerts

Get notified when to buy, hold and sell every recommendation


Upside Potential %

Know every stock’s growth potential in percentage for every recommendation.


Ideal Buying Range

Identify optimal entry range on recommended stocks.


Educational Resources

Access online educational videos to make better share market investments


Proactive Stock Rebalancing

Receive expert assistance in portfolio adjustments in case any recommended stock does not perform as expected.


In-depth Research Reports

Comprehensive fundamental analysis of stocks, companies, industries, and trends.


Onboarding journey

4 easy steps to get your dashboard access

Risk Profiling

Take an assessment to determine your risk appetite, time horizon & financial goals.


How Mispriced Opportunities works

Here’s what you’ll see once you log in

We’ve said it, but here’s a glimpse of how the App works. Watch the Video.


1 stock allocation every month

1 high-growth stock trading below its intrinsic value is recommended


Allocation strategy

Get allocation percentage for every stock recommendation


Choose your surplus

You can modify the amount you want to invest. The allocation percentages and the quantity of shares will be automatically updated based on your investment amount


Continuous monitoring

If a stock does not perform as expected, our team proactively rebalances it with a new recommendation


₹ 32,000 for yearly subscription

The amount payable is Rs. ₹ 16,000 + GST every 6 months.


What you get

Stock Recommendation

Research report

Stock-wise allocation

Upside potential

Buying range

Earning updates


Stock/Market alerts

Exit calls

12 Recommendations A Year

Summary Reports

Event updates

Get help with your questions on call, WhatsApp, or email directly from your dashboard

Journey of stocks

Movement of stock in the last few years

Company NameStart DateEnd DateStart PriceEnd PriceDuration (Months)Gain (%)


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*The performance represented on this page is historical. Please note that the past performance of stocks is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Equity investments are subject to market risks. Read all terms & documents carefully. 
All content on the Research and Ranking website (other than that on a paid customer’s dashboard) is to be used for informational purposes only. Users must independently research and verify all the information before investing. Please also note:

1. Data mentioned above is sourced from NSE.

2. Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee
 the performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.

3. The securities quoted if any are for illustration only and are not recommendatory.

4. Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents
 carefully before investing.

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Frequently asked questions

Ideally, investing in all the recommended high growth stocks is best since the returns are calculated on a portfolio level. While we anticipate that investors consider all Equentis - Research & Ranking recommendations, investing in every stock is optional. Our strategy involves pinpointing high growth stocks that resonate with your financial objectives and risk tolerance. By diversifying across meticulously chosen high growth stocks, you can effectively mitigate risk while aiming for potential returns.

Equentis - Research & Ranking comprehensively assesses each stock and recommends a diversified range of high growth stocks that align with your goals. This approach maximizes potential returns and strategically manages risk across your investment portfolio. We assign weights to the Mispriced Opportunities recommendations based on our analysis of each opportunity. Higher conviction recommendations may have higher weightage, while others may have lower weightage. However, the weightage does not determine the potential returns or risks of the stocks.

Returns timelines can vary based on market dynamics and the growth trajectory of specific stocks. Although some stocks might yield quicker results, our primary focus rests on harnessing long-term growth potential for sustainable returns over time. Though the recommendations have an indicative tenure of 6-12 months, you may see returns a bit earlier than expected if the event happens sooner.

Quality takes precedence over quantity in our approach. There might be instances when market conditions don't align with our stringent research standards, leading to months without new recommendations. It depends on our analysis and if we come across suitable opportunities during that period. Rest assured, our commitment to providing well-founded recommendations remains unwavering. On the other hand, some months may have more than one recommendation.

Yes, you can. We recommend subscribing to the Combo if you want to invest in both the long-term strategy and the mispriced opportunities. You can invest your lump sum capital in the 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy and your monthly savings in Mispriced Opportunities.

Certainly, we prioritize your capital protection. Our recommendations include strategically chosen buying ranges to mitigate downside risk and safeguard your investment capital in the face of unexpected market fluctuations. We aim for an upside of 25-50% for each recommended stock and 30-35% on a portfolio level within a year. We maintain a risk-reward ratio of at least 1:2, ideally 1:3. For instance, if an opportunity has a potential upside of 40%, the downside risk would be around 15-20%. This helps to protect your capital to some extent.

Yes. While we intend to offer a diverse array of high growth stock recommendations, a stock may be suggested again if it aligns with fresh growth opportunities, even if it was recommended and exited earlier. However, if additional potential is noticed before exiting the stock, we will share revised targets, and it will not be considered a different recommendation. Rest assured; we won't recommend the same stock immediately after an exit. We are committed to delivering recommendations with the most potential for high growth.

Calculating returns involves assessing the change in stock prices along with dividends received. Divide the gains by the initial investment and multiply by 100, and you will ascertain the percentage return on your investment. You will start seeing returns at a stock level as and when we give exits. However, to assess returns at a portfolio level, you must provide this product for at least 12 months. By the end of 6 months, you will have a fair idea of how the portfolio, including high growth stocks, is performing.

Equentis - Research & Ranking meticulously assesses various sectors for high growth opportunities, adhering to our research-driven approach. Our recommendations are grounded in a thorough analysis of market trends, company performance, and industry outlook, guiding our selection of recommended sectors. Stocks recommended under Mispriced Opportunities are going to be sector agnostic. We focus on mid-cap and large-cap stocks because that's where the liquidity is, making them the potential high growth stocks for investment.

If the previous recommendation is still within the buying range, you will get your first stock recommendation as soon as your subscription is activated. But if the last recommendation exceeds the recommended buying range, you must wait for the following recommendation. However, this won't affect your total number of recommendations; you'll still get 10-12 recommendations in a year.

Returns can vary based on market conditions and individual stock performance. While we can't guarantee specific figures, we emphasize transparent communication about potential returns considering fees, taxes, and market dynamics when discussing your investment strategy. For instance: If you plan to invest ₹ 300,000 in a year, consider the following: - You don't need to invest the entire amount upfront. After 5-6 months, you can reinvest the profits from earlier recommendations, increasing your capital or reducing the capital requirement. - Even with a 15% Short-Term Capital Gain Tax, the returns would be 19-24%, higher than any other asset class, including the best for SIP. Look at reinvesting profits for greater long-term returns in the stock market.

Not all stocks meet growth expectations due to multifaceted market dynamics. Our approach is rooted in identifying high growth potential, although market factors can occasionally result in variations in performance. At Equentis - Research & Ranking, we conduct in-depth research and primary interactions to assess an event's impact on a company's fundamental performance. Our recommendations are not based on rumors or hearsay but on thorough analysis. If an event doesn't play out as expected, we may exit the stock at a loss. Looking at a portfolio-level return of 30-35% in a year, including high growth stocks, will be appropriate.

Our commitment extends to identifying mispriced opportunities even amid challenging market conditions. Leveraging our comprehensive research and analysis, we endeavor to uncover high growth stocks irrespective of market trends. We identify company-specific opportunities caused by various factors, including stock volatility and market fluctuations. Such opportunities can arise irrespective of whether the market is growing or falling.

Even after your subscription period ends, we will provide you with an exit recommendation for a stock we previously recommended. The conclusion of your subscription doesn't not mean an immediate exit. Decisions regarding exiting stocks are based on their growth potential and the prevailing market landscape, ensuring that each recommendation is handled strategically.

High growth stocks are companies exhibiting substantial revenue and earnings growth potential, often surpassing industry norms. These stocks can be a valuable addition to your portfolio, aligned with your investment goals.

While your portfolio is ideally structured to encompass high growth stocks, diversification may involve other assets to manage risk effectively. Our goal remains to curate a well-rounded investment strategy catering to your financial aspirations

Our predictions hinge on exhaustive fundamental analysis, in-depth exploration of industry trends, comprehensive evaluation of company performance, and identification of growth prospects. These factors together shape our assessment of a stock's growth potential.

Investing in growth stocks involves a degree of risk due to market volatility. However, our research-driven approach aims to mitigate risk by identifying high growth opportunities grounded in solid fundamentals, ultimately fostering a balanced investment strategy.

Growth stocks have the potential for substantial returns but also carry inherent risks due to market fluctuations. Striking a balance between growth stocks and other assets within your portfolio can be advantageous for sustained, long-term financial well-being.