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About the founder

Founder & Director

Manish Goel

Manish is a qualified Company Secretary and Law graduate with a master’s in international Trade & Finance from the UK. He has over 10 years of experience growing start-ups.

Important Career Moments: Finance Director at ICCON Limited, a London-based real estate investment advisor in Europe. After returning to India in 2009, he established Equentis Capital Pvt. Ltd. to offer high-quality equity advisory services.

Philosophy: He is committed to the idea that a business should benefit all members of society. He is also actively involved in philanthropic activities.

Life Moments: He enjoys family time, travelling to new places, and reading.

Board members & management

We are pretty particular about the people who we work with…

Our philosophy

We enable you to accumulate wealth consistently, day after day, year after year. Let us introduce you the the 3Cs


Providing clear insights into investment opportunities and strategies.


Sticking to the investment strategy despite volatility in the equity market.

Our value system

A prolonged promise

Equal existence

We believe wealth creation must be everyone's right, ensuring that it is not a privilege limited to a few but a possibility for every individual.


We believe in moving ahead of time, so we’ve built an in-house Quant Engine using 300+ Smart Algorithms that help us arrive at the right stock recommendations for our customers.


We believe in becoming better each day. We value the feedback from our precious customers, competitors, and the market to evolve.


We prioritize transparency, integrity, and truthfulness in all our interactions with customers, stakeholders, and the public.

Thinking big

We dream beyond the conventional, and embrace innovation and change.


Our customer’s success is our success! We recognize the value of working with others to achieve common objectives, enhance capabilities, and create mutually beneficial outcomes.


We aspire to make a difference in the industry and investor community, becoming a driving force for positive change.


We are dedicated to always being honest, transparent, and ethical in everything we do

Our aspirations

The onus is on us, always!

Empowering investors
Via expertise, equity research, and technology.

Our subscribers love us

Not every client of ours is Wealthy at this moment, but we believe they have the potential to be & we ensure it happens

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