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Anirban Basu


7 reviews


I am using R&R for the last 3 years, they are pretty good on their recommendations.. specifically in Missed price section. Out of my 36 calls 7 were in loss and rest all are at target or on track. It's a pretty decent strike rate. I recommend R&R to everyone.

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    An investment advisory firm is a company that helps investors make decisions about buying and selling securities (like stocks) in exchange for a fee. They can advise clients directly or provide advisory reports and other publications about specific securities, such as high growth stock recommendations. Some firms use both methods, like Research & Ranking, India’s leading stock advisory company, specializing in smart investments and long-term stocks since 2015.

    Yes, Equentis - Research & Ranking, a fintech platform, is a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Limited. It is a SEBI-registered Investment Advisory Services Company with Registration No.: INA000003874. We provide specialized stock advisory services, offering expert guidance for investing in the Indian stock market.

    A SEBI-registered investment advisor is a smart choice if you plan to invest in the stock market and need reliable advice. With so many investment advisors out there, it can take time to find the best long-term stocks. However, SEBI-registered advisors prioritize your financial well-being above all else. They offer unbiased investment guidance and adhere to SEBI regulations, ensuring transparency and accountability. You can trust them with your investments and file complaints on their redressal system, SCORES.

    An investment advisor advising on stock market investing in India is a stock market advisory firm. They offer specialized services to help you make the most of the market, tailoring their recommendations based on your risk profile and investment appetite. While they provide valuable insights and potentially high-growth stock recommendations based on thorough research, buying or selling stocks lies with you.

    No, they are not the same. Investment advisory focuses on advising about buying and selling stocks. On the other hand, wealth management is more comprehensive, covering various financial services such as portfolio management, estate planning, and tax planning. An investment advisor like Equentis - Research & Ranking helps you make smart stock market decisions, considering your long-term financial objectives. Our experienced team will guide you through the process and ensure you invest wisely in fundamentally sound long-term stocks.