Who We Are - Equity Market Research Firm In India

As part of Equentis group, we have had the advantage of being full time into the world of investments, with primary focus on equity markets in India since 2015.

We have built an online equity advisory company which also offers customized research reports. We are regulated by the SEBI and backed by a passionate team of professionals having significant experience in financial markets, equity research and technology.

Our learning, as an equity research firm for so many years, has been–

In the short term, the market is driven by just two emotions:


This could be an oversimplification, but it is often true.

A lot of investors get caught up in greed (excessive desire) and fear (fear of suffering large losses). And why not? Most of us have a desire to create wealth in the shortest period of time.

This short term mentality, most of the times, leads to undesired losses. The final result is that investors decide to stay away from any form of equity investments in the future. Intrigued by this problem, we began searching for a solution.

Finally, We Got Our Answer

Wealth creation via equity investments is the solution; but it requires the winning combination of your Patience to stay invested for the long term, have the Risk Appetite to face negative growth periods and Identify The Right Growth Businesses to invest in. This will ensure that you won’t get swayed in the dominant market sentiment of the day, which can be driven by a mentality of fear and/or greed. And all of this needs to happen in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

We are online now helping our clients create wealth by ensuring that you benefit from the required winning combination. But we are not done yet. We want to achieve more. We aim to provide you with more innovative tools, backed by smart algorithms & advanced technologies, which will make your wealth creation journey easier and help you in avoiding costly mistakes in equity markets. If you are an existing customer, thank you for your continued support. If you are a new customer, we look forward to having you on-board.

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