Our Mission

To achieve our goals and fuel the business expansion, we are considering partnering with professionals that will help us fund the rapid business growth and unlock new ideas and opportunities to strengthen our position in the market.


We aim to 'Empower and Educate' the investors to make them the 'Billionaires' of tomorrow.


Our mission is simple: Deliver 'Quality', made possible by 'In-depth Research and Technology', which is lacking big time today, as millions of seasoned investors and 450 million millennials are waiting for it".


The Way Ahead For Us

We are a team of visionary and dedicated professionals, who have set a few targets which we aim to achieve in the next 3 Years.

Listed Company

We aspire to be a listed
company by 2024-25.

Best Value for Money

We aspire to deliver the best
value for money services to
all our clients.

No. of Client

We aspire to onboard at
least 1,00,000 clients in the
next 3 years.

Wealth Creation

We aspire to create wealth for all the stakeholders (clients, shareholders, employees) of Equentis - Research & Ranking family.

Technological Innovation

We aspire to lead the technological innovation in the equity market investment & research space.

Brand Name

We aspire to be amongst top investment and wealth advisors in India.

Customers Turned Investors

Since inception, many customers have reinforced their faith in us as investors of Equentis - Research & Ranking . In order to achieve these targets and to fuel the business growth, we are considering raising funds to ramp up our business expansion.


Deepak Chitnis

Head of Design – Lodha Group


Sandeepan Reddy

Director at Financial
Services Pvt Ltd


Balarama Krishna

Project Manager


Madhav Gidwani

Camp Pune


Naresh Vanjara

Taxation Expert


Praveen Nune

Senior Director
at G2.com

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