Research & Ranking launches campaign #HarGharLakshmi


Nov 8, 2023 | by: Alok Arya

Research & Ranking has announced the launch of its digital festive campaign #HarGharLakshmi. As per the company, the digital brand film campaign emphasizes increasing women’s participation in equity investments.

Additionally, the campaign aims to inspire and encourage every woman to manage the family’s future like they’ve been managing households and budgets for centuries.

Talking about the campaign, Alok Arya, chief marketing officer (CMO), Research & Ranking, said, “In India, festivals have a deep cultural significance, and Diwali is not just a festival; it’s an emotion. It is a shared spirit that unites us all. The impact is very high, and as a brand, we want to harness this occasion to empower lives. With #HarGharLakshmi, we want to inspire a wave of change, nurturing a future where women not only manage homes but actively shape the financial landscape of their homes and beyond.”

Moreover, the digital brand film has been shot by SM Productions and is edited by Django.

“In collaboration with Research & Ranking, we got this opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s participation in making financial decisions, reinforcing her identity as Goddess Lakshmi of their household and encouraging them to take the reins of financial investments. This campaign has been envisioned to be a conversation starter at every home, bringing about the change we need to see,” Aashay Shah, co-founder, Django Digital, added.

The digital campaign #HarGharDiwali is live across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels of Research & Ranking.

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