Research & Ranking Launches Multi-lingual Campaign #KhudKiPehchaan


March 6, 23 | by: Sham Srinivas

Research & Ranking has launched a new campaign, #KhudKiPehchan, to celebrate the boundless spirit of women.

The digital film brings to light a typical predisposed mindset in perceiving women's identities despite donning multiple roles effortlessly.

The multi-lingual digital film exquisitely captures and highlights the limited participation of women across the workforce, leadership roles and company boards.

It showcases multiple women describing their identities. They describe themselves as having multiple identities – one that is pre-defined and the other at their workplace. The workplace identity is important as they have carved it for themselves by defying several odds #KhudkiPehchaan 

With the right opportunities come expertise, attitude and experience to excel in their chosen field. It enunciates the massive strength of women who do not shy away from any form of responsibility. A sense of inclusivity harbors an understanding that motivates them to celebrate womanhood without compromising dreams and ambitions.

Speaking on the launch of the film, Sham Srinivas, VP of Marketing, shares, "Women are under-represented in our country; the reality of their complex lives demands a multi-faceted approach. Women's participation in the workforce has been on the downside, and the numbers are alarming. Increasing the participation of women in our workforce can have an exponential impact on various metrics including GDP, innovation and talent availability. Through #KhudkiPehchaan, we are highlighting that women have the right to get an opportunity to carve their own identities and encourage them not to give up on their dreams."

The creative agency Smart Magic Productions has shot and edited the video. 

The film showcases internal women employees at Research & Ranking. The campaign is being promoted across all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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