Research & Ranking launches 'Papa Kehte Hein' campaign


19 June 23 | by: Alok Arya

Research & Ranking, the equity investment advisory brand, a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Private Limited, has launched its digital campaign "Papa Kehte Hein - Long Term is the only way,” which recognizes and celebrates the tireless dedication and virtues fathers embody worldwide.

On the campaign's launch, Alok Arya, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), shared, "I often find myself recalling my interactions with my father during the various stages of my life. In all our conversations, he has repeatedly instilled the importance of discipline, stability, a long-term mindset, and plans. These are virtues that I will pass on to my daughter.


He further adds, “At Research & Ranking, we are driven by the same mindset of empowering our clients and equipping them with the knowledge and means to achieve their financial goals. Standing as their trusted companion, we help them focus on Clarity, Consistency, and Compounding to secure a prosperous future."

In the slice-of-life digital film, candid chats with eight individuals delved into thoughts about their fathers and the invaluable advice they’ve received over the years. The interviews reassure that a father's primary traits involve instilling discipline, providing stability, and offering unconditional support throughout a child's life journey. These qualities align closely with the ethos of Research & Ranking, where we strive to foster a long-term mindset encouraging financial well-being.

From these interviews, we collected a few financial mantras that resonated with our participants:

  • Save some of your income and start investing early to secure early retirement.
  • Invest in your personal growth and development.
  • Embrace a frugal lifestyle and make wise investment choices that align with your means.
  • Cultivate a long-term mindset when it comes to financial planning and decision-making.

In addition to these financial mantras, the interviews highlight the significance of fathers being present and supportive through thick and thin, emphasizing the importance of unwavering support in a child's life.

These insights inspire us to remain committed to providing guidance and resources to help individuals embrace these financial mantras.

We understand that, just like fathers, we play a vital role in encouraging our clients to adopt a long-term perspective, achieve their financial goals, and Create Wealth.

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