Research & Ranking launches Ten Trillion Opportunity for HNIs & UHNIs to invest in India


Dec 06, 22 | by: Manish Goel

India’s leading equity investment advisory brand and a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Private Limited, Research & Ranking, launched focused solution for high net worth individuals (HNIs).

Known as Ten Trillion Opportunity (TTO), the solution caters to HNIs and ultra high networth individuals (UHNIs) with an investible surplus of at least Rs 1 crore.

The offering will enable them to invest in companies that could become multibaggers as India transforms moves towards becoming a $10 trillion economy.

The firm believes that there is immense potential in Indian equity markets, especially over the next decade.

The benchmark indices have given double-digit returns in the last decade despite multiple macro and micro events.

TTO is a novel approach to investments curated to meet the discerning requirements of HNIs & UHNIs. It has been envisaged to multiply investors’ wealth and offer exceptional returns on their investments. To manage this clientele, we have created a separate unit from sales to operations,” Manish Goel, founder & director of Research & Ranking said.

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