Research & Ranking launches #YehHoliSapnoWali Campaign


March 6, 23 | by: Sham Srinivas

Research & Ranking, India's leading equity investment advisory brand and a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Private Limited, has launched a new campaign, #YehHoliSapnoWali, to celebrate the festival of colors and engage its followers with its uniquely designed AR Filter for Instagram. The week-long campaign aims to encourage individuals to build their dream goals and pledges to support them with unbiased Research and Advisory Services.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Sham Srinivas, VP of Marketing, shares, “Investors can achieve multiple long-term goals by investing in equities. Our platform provides a comprehensive equity advisory experience by leveraging state-of-the-art research, a seamless interface powered by technology, and superlative customer service.

Investment and Financial Planning are usually perceived as tedious subjects by lay consumers. The #YehHoliSapnoWali campaign intends to reach a diverse audience, especially those segments that have never taken investing seriously, to showcase the magic of long-term investing in equities. Through #YehHoliSapnoWali we are keen to highlight that the journey of investing could be colorful and fun. We are hopeful that this campaign influences individuals to begin investing to achieve their dream goals”

The campaign is curated to keep the engagement quotient on Instagram high by showcasing the dream goals of ordinary people who usually suppress their dreams due to insufficient funds as they seem impossible to achieve. Direct marketing has also been leveraged to engage with a larger set of audiences. The campaign is being aggressively promoted across social media platforms for Research & Ranking.

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