Research & Ranking partners with Dailyhunt to offer financial content


Jan 05, 23 | by: Research & Ranking

Research & Ranking, an equity investment advisory brand and a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Private Limited, has entered into a strategic tie-up with Dailyhunt, a local language content discovery platform. Through this partnership, Research & Ranking aims to strengthen its reach across Bharat by spreading awareness about wealth creation and financial planning.

Dailyhunt users will be able to access simplified financial content in English and Hindi in the form of news, research-based educational content, stock market event analysis, and more. Together the two brands are committed to helping Bharat understand wealth creation in the equity markets.

Speaking on the tie-up, Sham Srinivas, VP – Marketing, Research & Ranking, said, “As a company, we are keen on creating premium financial content that will help ‘Educate and Empower’ Indians (Bharat at large) about Financial Planning and Wealth Creation in the long term. We believe financial literacy can transform lives for the better. However, there is much to be done to create awareness and eliminate misconceptions. We have reached out to lakhs of Indians through conventional media channels, blogs, social media platforms, and our Edtech platform – Informed InvestoRR.”


Ravanan N, Executive Director, Eterno Infotech said, “At Dailyhunt we strive to deliver content that informs, enriches, and entertains our users. Our collaboration with Research & Ranking will provide our users with comprehensive financial content, enabling increased financial literacy across Bharat. We are thrilled to partner with R&R and promote the financial education wave in the country.”


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