Research & Ranking’s unique strategy creates phenomenal wealth for investors


JAN 18,2021 | by: Hindustan Times

Established in the year 2016, Research & Ranking is a SEBI registered equity advisory which aims to help equity investors create wealth through long-term investing.

With whopping 480% Gains in 6 Years, India’s leading equity advisory Research & Ranking has proved this right and helped over 15000 investors and 1500 lifetime investors fulfil their financial goals effortlessly. The advisory strongly believes in educating and empowering investors, and their registered users include over 3,50,000 investors who are only growing by the day.

Research & Ranking's main product offering, the 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy is designed to help investors to invest in a personalized and adequately diversified portfolio of 20-25 stocks with the potential to generate 4-5 times returns in 5-6 years. The company's second offering, known as the Mispriced Opportunities strategy helps investors to encash on the market fluctuations by investing in stocks trading below their intrinsic value, thereby having the potential to generate 25-50% returns in 6-12 months.

Research & Ranking also offers two premium advisory services named Dhanwaan and EWA Exclusive for HNI and Ultra-HNI clients which aims to create massive wealth by investing in high growth businesses with the potential to grow at a rapid rate with India's growth trajectory, thus compounding investor wealth at a CAGR rate of 25-35%.

With a dedicated team of over 200 professionals across Mumbai, Thane, Delhi and Bengaluru, Research & Ranking considers customer satisfaction one of its top priorities. Having achieved many milestones in a short span of few years, Research & Ranking has set its sight on new achievements for 2021. This includes becoming a True Fintech company which delivers best returns to their customers.

In line with their firm belief that ‘Knowledge is the key to success in investing' the team at Research & Ranking plans to launch an Ed-Tech platform soon to facilitate easy and quick learning for investors.

In the current calendar year, the company is also planning to launch a new product offering named Multiplierr.

“Our revolutionary new product offering is targeted at those investors who wish to invest a small amount in the stock market. We’re excited about this upcoming product launch as it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of a retail investor. At the same time, this new product demonstrates how real wealth can be made through smart investing. We are sure that this strategic decision will pave the way towards enhancing our reach towards investors across the country,” stated Research & Ranking’s Founder-Director, Manish Goel.

Over the next 2-3 years, Research & Ranking intends get listed as well as go global and cater to international investors by replicating their technology-based investment advisory model's success in developed markets including the USA, UK and the Middle-east.

Established in the year 2016, Research & Ranking is a SEBI registered equity advisory which aims to help equity investors create wealth through long-term investing. The advisory offers a robust technology-enabled platform backed by detailed research that guides investors in their wealth creation journey by creating personalized portfolios as per their financial goals.

Research & Ranking is a part of Equentis Group, incorporated in the year 2009 and offers complete support to investors in their journey of wealth creation right from onboarding.

To learn more about the different types of wealth creation strategies offered by Research & Ranking, visit www.researchandranking.com.

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