This International Women’s Day, Research and Ranking, the equity
investment advisory brand and a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory
Services has announced the launch of its #InvestorsForLife campaign.
The ad film is an ode to the countless women who selflessly dedicate
their lives in the betterment of their loved ones.

Alok Arya, chief marketing officer, Research & Ranking said, “We
advocate long-term investing as the path to success. This mindset
demands commitment, discipline, consistency, and patience -- qualities
inherently reflected in a woman's ability to nurture. At every turn, they
invest in us and our relationships, fostering lifelong growth. While
everyone is an investor in some capacity, women are #InvestorsForLife."

He added that through this campaign, the company aims to bring light to
their invaluable contributions and honor the immeasurable impact of
women on the world. "As a token of gratitude, we've created
#InvestorsForLife badges for male colleagues to wear, symbolising
appreciation for their female counterparts.”

The film shows a montage of heart-warming scenes where women and
girls in different roles are taking care of people around them and
investing their time and efforts. The slice-of-life visuals are paired with
an emotional VO in a male voice to express gratitude.
The montage shows women in different roles from being caregivers to
the elderly to managing unexpected guests at home, or even churning a
sweet dish in record time while still managing to smile at every situation.

Digital Refresh Netwroks is the creative agency on this campaign. The
campaign is being promoted across all major social media platforms such
as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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