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How to Identify A Reliable Equity Investment Advisor?

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Equity Investment Advisor: How to Identify Reliable Advisory - FY22

Equity investment advisors can help in steering your investments in the right direction towards wealth creation. Stock markets are symbolic of wealth creation. Yet according to estimates, 90% of retail investors end up losing their capital in stock markets due to market volatility and erratic investment methods.

The biggest reason why people fail in creating wealth from stock markets is the lack of right guidance and the failure to accept this fact. That’s why it is very important to seek professional expertise in equity investment advice.

To understand the importance of the right guidance let’s take a look at a story from the legendry Mahabharat. Before the start of the Mahabharat war between Kauravas and Pandavas, both Arjun and Duryodhan went to Krishna in order to seek his support.

Krishna gave them two options. To choose between himself and his powerful army known as the Narayani Sena. Arjun chose Krishna over his large and powerful army.

On hearing Arjun’s choice Duryodhan rejoiced. He was stupid enough to think that Krishna, who wouldn’t even fight in the war, would be of no use to him but Krishna’s huge army would certainly be of great help.

We all know the outcome of the war and how Pandavas won it under Krishna’s guidance and support.

So you see expert guidance can make a huge difference between victory and failure in any field and stock market investing is no different.

By seeking expert help from equity investment advice one can be sure that his investments are performing as expected and that they are moving on the right track.

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Services provided by equity investment advisors include:

  • Evaluating your financial goals and risk profile
  • Creating a customized investment portfolio for achieving your financial goals
  • Evaluating the performance of your investments regularly
  • Exiting those businesses which are not performing as expected
  • Regular and disciplined investing
  • Risk management

Professional guidance matters a lot. But then the question remains, how to choose the best equity investment advisors from the rest.

The below checklist can help you to choose a reliable equity investment advisor:

  • What is the equity investment advisor’s past performance?
  • Does the equity investment advisor have positive reviews?
  • Does the equity investment advice given by the advisor have dedicated customer support via phone/email/chat?
  • Does the equity investment advisor provide sample reports?

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