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How To Invest In Stocks?

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How To Invest In Stocks? research&ranking 2017

Do you want to create enormous wealth from your investments?

Then invest in stocks are what you should be investing in.

Equity (or stocks in common language) has given the highest returns among all asset classes in the long term. Where most other assets have given post-tax returns of less than 7-8%, equity has easily delivered 12-15% returns (which are much above prevalent inflation rates). In fact, at times individual stocks have even given thousands of percent of returns in just a few years!

So how to go about investing in stocks? How to ensure that you get it right?

Understand Yourself & Markets

Stock prices don’t move up or down in a straight line. So in near term, the returns from the stocks can be volatile. This is the inherent risk in stock investing but this is also the very reason investments in stocks are so profitable. It gives you the opportunity to buy low and sell high later.

If you are ready to accept volatility in near term, then investing in fundamentally sound stocks for long term is perfect for you. Your attitude (how much risk you are ready to take) and capacity (how much risk you should take) also are two other key determinants here but remember that only stocks can give you inflation-beating returns in long term.

Now markets allow people to make money in short term too. But the chance of losses is very high in short term. On the contrary, in long term the risks are greatly reduced and chance of earning very high returns increases enormously.

Identifying Stocks

To invest in stocks, you need to identify the right ones but that is easier said than done. As an investor, you can do all research and analysis yourself but if you don’t have the time or skill to do so, it’s prudent to take help of competent and trustworthy investment advisors.

One can use various strategies like value investing, growth investing, etc. to select various stocks for one’s portfolio. Best stocks to invest are of fundamentally sound companies having clear future growth potential and that are available at attractive valuations.

But what once you have bought the stocks?

Stay Invested & Keep Tracking

You can only benefit from a multibagger (which goes 20x) if you stay invested during its full growth journey. Isn’t it? So you need to have a long term approach and not sell out too soon if the fundamentals of the company are still intact.

But remember that all stock in your portfolio may not perform equally. Hence you need to keep monitoring fundamentals to see that the business is still running well and can grow in future. If that is not the case, you need to sell the stock and invest elsewhere.

Investing successfully in stocks is simple but not easy.

You need to identify the right stocks of fundamentally sound businesses, invest higher amounts in high-conviction stocks and have a long-term horizon and once you do that, you would be on your way to earn high returns that equity can provide to those investing for long-term.

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