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International Yoga Day: 18 Yoga Startups Capitalize on Booming $66.2 Billion Industry

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International Yoga Day: 18 Yoga Startups Capitalize on Booming $66.2 Billion Industry

Do you think yoga is just about flowing through poses on a mat? Think again. Today, on International Yoga Day, we celebrate this ancient practice and its dynamic evolution into a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

Projected to reach a staggering $66.2 billion by 2027, yoga’s growth is fueled by its increasing popularity and seamless integration into fitness and wellness routines. But how exactly does this ancient art form translate into modern success?

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Source: Finance

What’s driving this surge?

Consumers are increasingly prioritizing health and wellness, and online yoga courses make the practice more accessible. Yoga’s appeal extends beyond physical fitness – it fosters a sense of community and social connection through studios, retreats, and group practices. This holistic approach resonates with a growing audience, encouraging continued participation and market expansion.

The Indian Share

According to a research report, the wellness market in India is a powerhouse, valued at a cool INR 490 billion. Yoga studios and fitness centers make up a whopping 40% of this segment, and the industry is expected to grow at a robust 20% CAGR over the next three years, reaching INR 875 billion. This shift towards preventative healthcare is a major driver.

Who practices Yoga?

South Korea has the biggest gender gap in yoga participation, with 43% of women enjoying the sport. India leads in overall yoga practice, with a remarkable 31% of women reporting participation compared to 22% of men, which is high globally for male yogis.

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Source: Statista

The rise of online yoga platforms, apps, and wearable tech makes yoga even more accessible, breaking down age and ability barriers. This has fueled a boom in yoga-related startups, with a growing focus on sustainability.

From eco-friendly yoga mats made from recycled materials to stylish, sustainable clothing, a dedicated market caters to environmentally conscious yogis.

18 Innovative Yoga Startups Capitalizing On This Market Surge

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Evolation (2008): For those seeking a deeper exploration of yoga principles and practices, Evolation offers teacher certifications, workshops, and immersive training focused on asana, anatomy, philosophy, and community building.

Tummee.com: This platform empowers yoga teachers with tools and resources to elevate their classes and spread the message of yoga’s transformative power. By supporting educators, Tummee aims to maximize yoga’s reach and its ability to create inner peace and community.

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BWT Experiences (2011): BWT offers unique travel experiences designed around wellness, adventure, and cultural immersion. Their platform allows booking curated activities led by local experts, ensuring an authentic and enriching experience for yogis seeking exploration alongside practice.

Momentom Collective (2013): Momentom curates immersive events and content that blend music, art, yoga, and personal development. Their productions, like Wanderlust festivals and Rebel Yoga conferences, foster connection, self-discovery, and social change.

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Art of Living Digital (2014): This company provides technology and digital marketing solutions to yoga institutions and wellness businesses. It has built custom platforms and apps for renowned organizations like the Art of Living Foundation and Isha Foundation, streamlining operations and expanding their reach.

Yoganta (2015): Yoganta combines physical wellness centers with a digital platform offering live and on-demand yoga, meditation, and other wellness content. Their holistic programs target lifestyle diseases and make ancient yogic practices relevant for addressing modern health concerns.

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Drunk Yoga (2015): This playful startup created a new niche by combining gentle yoga poses with social connection over adult beverages. Drunk Yoga promotes joyful movement and a judgment-free environment, making yoga more approachable for those seeking a lighthearted and social wellness experience.

Juru Mats (2015): India’s first eco-friendly yoga mat brand, Juru, uses sustainable materials like jute and natural rubber. They also offer cork mats with excellent grip and antimicrobial properties.

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AyurUniverse (2017): This online platform combines yoga and meditation instruction with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. AyurUniverse blends tradition with modern perspectives, offering guidance for living in harmony with natural rhythms through classes, articles, and expert-led training programs.

FitMi (2017): Taking a holistic approach, FitMi offers yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and therapeutic movement programs. Their digital classes and in-person retreats cater to diverse audiences, from women and children to athletes and corporate groups.

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YogiFi by Wellnesys (2018): Founded by a yoga enthusiast who discovered its benefits during recovery, YogiFi offers an intelligent yoga mat system with pressure sensors, motion tracking, and real-time feedback. This innovation allows students to refine their poses and prevent injury through personalized guidance.

Yoga Jal (2020): Developed by yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda brand, Yoga Jal offers herb-infused water as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. These beverages combine traditional Ayurvedic ingredients with modern nutritional science to provide affordable and accessible wellness options.

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image 37

Heatwise (2021): Taking hot yoga to new heights, Heatwise offers classes in a modern, spa-like environment. With highly trained instructors, upbeat playlists, and a focus on therapeutic practice, Heatwise aims to make hot yoga more welcoming and accessible to a wider audience.

Sūna (2021): Sustainability meets yoga with Sūna’s mats made from natural rubber and recycled materials. Their focus on responsible production and eco-friendly materials sets a new benchmark for sustainable yoga accessories.

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image 39

Sarva: Backed by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Sarva provides a comprehensive online yoga platform with classes, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and nutrition guidance. Their vast library of resources caters to all levels and goals, fostering a supportive community for personal growth.

Yoga Bars: Craving a healthy post-yoga snack? Look no further than Yoga Bars. These on-the-go energy bars are made with natural ingredients and cater to busy individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle.

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Forever Yoga: With the activewear market booming, Forever Yoga is making waves with stylish and functional yoga apparel, catering to those who crave performance and on-trend design during their practice.

Akshar Power Yoga Centre: This Bengaluru-based center puts a modern twist on traditional yoga practices, offering classes designed for weight loss and overall well-being. They also train aspiring yoga teachers worldwide.

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This is just a glimpse into the vibrant world of yoga start-ups. As yoga continues to evolve and integrate with technology and wellness trends, we can expect even more innovative companies to emerge. So, unroll your mat, embrace the possibilities, and join the millions who are finding their center through the ancient practice of Yoga.

Happy International Yoga Day!

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