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Panchayat & Sachivji Share 8 Money Lessons For You

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Panchayat & Sachivji Share 8 Money Lessons For You

Let’s head to Phulera and laugh out loud as quirky characters, hilarious situations, and Sachiv Ji’s commentary keep us glued to the screens. While you’ve been bingeing on Panchayat, we’re sure you have noticed what a layered show it is as you delight in the social, political, and philosophical aspects.

But have you realized that Phulera has also always been about money? The series has had some valuable money lessons to give us. If you’ve missed that side of the show, here’s a round-up of times Panchayat proved to be a masterclass in money and investment matters.  

Panchayat’s Money Lessons

    1. The Importance of Budgeting and Saving 

    Abhishek is a young engineering graduate stuck as the Panchayat Sachiv (secretary). Remember Sachivji using the Panchayat backroom as his home instead of renting a new place so he could stick to his budget?

    Like almost every millennial, he deals with a limited income. As he struggles to manage his meager salary, we can learn a thing or two about the importance of budgeting and saving.

    2. There’s No Age to Learning

    Remember the sequence in Season 1 where Manju Devi Dubey tries to learn the National Anthem?

    Lesson 2 1

      Not only does she not know the difference between a national song and a national anthem, but she hilariously says, ‘Vinayak jaya hey’ to ‘adhinayak jaya hey!’ But does she give up?

      Despite knowing only the first three words, she initially learns: ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ The lesson here is that no matter how old you are, you can learn about handling your finances and working towards a more financially secure future. 

      3. There’s No Right Time to Start Your Investment Journey

      Let’s learn another lesson from Manju Devi again. While she is just a rubber stamp and a village head on paper. Her husband, Pradhan Pati Brijbhushan Dubey, handles all the administrative responsibilities.

      However, once she learns about the importance of an active role in governance, she learns to participate in her duties proactively. Mastering budgeting, investing, debt management, and planning for retirement takes time and ongoing effort. Financial literacy empowers you to make better choices and be in control. Also, you can start small and learn it along the way. 

      1. Stay Focused on Financial Planning, and Don’t Give up 

      Sachiv Ji is an MBA aspirant in Season 2. Despite all his hard work, he fails to clear the exam on the first attempt. But does he give up? No, he tries again and puts in the same effort as the first time.

      We may not succeed at getting our finances or investments right on the first or even the third attempt. The key is not to give up. Stay focused and give it your all. You will figure it out; when you do, imagine the gratification and good things that will happen!

      1. Be Ready for Surprises and Shocks in Your Investments, But Don’t Get Swayed

      Every episode in this fabulous series brings a new challenge that the characters face. It’s pretty much the same with your investments. There will be challenges, surprises, and shocks every now and then—sudden highs and lows, profits and losses, and so on.

      But stay calm and carry on. It’s important to be level-headed about the good and scary things—don’t get carried away and make rash or impulsive decisions, even if something seems extremely promising. It’s called too good to be true for a reason.  

      6. Handle Your Investments and Have Dreams

      Lesson 6

      In Season 3, we see Dadi dreaming of having her own house. She will go to any length to achieve this, even lying about her son Jagmohan and his wife having thrown her out and that she is living in a hut.

      She wants Sachiv Ji to add her name to the Prime Minister’s Poor Home Scheme. Of course, the means are shady, and you must not try such things, but let’s give it to Dadi for dreaming big. And she takes control of her own investment in attempting to pull off this stunt! Forget the sly ways, be the master of your investments, and dare to dream big! 

      1. Do Not Believe Random Financial Advice

      Here’s the curious case of MLA Chandrakishore Singh (Pankaj Jha). When he believes Bhushan (Durgesh Kumar), his wife Kranti Devi, and minions Binod and Madhav. He must prove his innocence when he is accused of killing and eating a dog. Instead, he gets in deeper trouble as he is tricked into killing a pigeon meant for a peace pact. 

      Remember, unquestioningly believing financial advice without checking and rechecking facts or falling for what scamming advisors tell you will only mean trouble. Trust only reliable and reputed brokers and professional financial advisory firms. 

      8. Don’t Believe the Doomsayers

      Sidekicks Binod and Madhav from Panchayat come bearing bad news! They are the typical fear-mongering duo who never have something positive to say.

      The financial market has doomsayers and bears who predict disasters or collapse. They focus on the worst-case scenarios and paint a very scary picture. Sure, you need to be cautious, but the lesson here is to know the difference between legitimate forecast and fear-mongering.

      Some profit from panic by spreading exaggerated claims or focusing only on negative news. Beware of those people and only rely on trustworthy sources. 

      Now that you have learned from the financial wisdom of the Phulera-based Panchayat and Sachiv Ji, we bet you can’t wait for the next season. Do keep an eye out for similar learnings. Most importantly, stay wise and alert with your finances and investments!

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