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4 Common Phrases You Need To Stop Saying To Create Wealth!

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As an investor, you may think that equity is all about having a torrid affair with excel sheets and complex trading algorithms. However, here’s a little revelation that may surprise you!

Most of the times, investors fail in the markets not because of inadequate technical skills, but their unfavourable daily habits which are driven by their thoughts.

Here we debunk 4 phrases which you may think is completely okay to use, but are outrageous crimes when it comes to stock market investment. And, a small warning – These phrases are definitely preventing you from creating wealth.

1. Is baar time alag hain!

A panoramic view of the stock markets reveals that markets have been volatile before and shall remain so. They have been swathed by the most powerful bulls and the most frightening bears before, and it’s not going to change ever. Crisis such as Harshad Mehta scams, Lehman Brother fallout, demonetization, soaring crude oil prices, and trade war fear had their transient control before their effects wiped out.

The point is no one has been able to predict these events, not even an astrologer. These events may change the course of direction of the markets for a transient time. However, it fails to change the fundamentals of a strong company.

So my dear friend, no time is different unless you make it different. Focus on investing in the right stocks. If required, hire a credible expert to guide you, rather than leaving it to your destiny and hoping markets would favour you. Markets don’t give two hoots to your hopes and emotions. They only favour investors who are addicted to rigorous research and sound stocks and remain invested in such stocks for a long term.

2. Kal invest kar lenge. Jaldi kya hain!

Rs. 10,000 invested every month at the age of 30 for the next 20 years aggregates to Rs. 75,75,332 at 10% interest p.a. compounded on a quarterly basis.The same amount sums up to Rs. 20,55,685 if invested for 10 years.

Numbers never lie! The sooner you start, the better the rewards. And, anytime is a good time to start when the rewards are lucrative!

3. Kitna returns milega ek saal main?

Yes, annualized returns and impressive CaGR are always the ultimate objectives of any investor. However, when you are investing in stocks, you are actually investing in businesses. Businesses take time to grow and definitely, that is not a chapter which will last just a year. With returns, the correct question to ask your advisor would be the strength of the fundamentals to stand the test of time in a long run.

4. Lastly, yeh stock kharid lete hain, kisine bola hain toh acha hi hoga.

There are only three golden rules of investing. 1. Research 2. Research 3. Research. If your friend / relative / broker is recommending a particular stock, check the investment rationale before you put your hard-earned money in the stock.

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