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An Open Petition To PM Narendra Modi

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Shri Narendra Modi
Honourable Prime Minister’s Office
South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi – 110011

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Let me start with congratulating you on behalf of the entire R&R Family for achieving the historic mandate on 23rd May 2019.

It is the overall optimism surrounding your persona is something we believe is the main reason behind this historic mandate.

Today, the main reason I write to you is that I have a few suggestions I would like to make for the current government to become one of the most successful governments in the illustrious history of India.

1. Employment:  Indians have through the mandate given a visible indication that we are not a society that is looking for free lunches or goodies or subsidies. Indians have traditionally been hard working people. The Mudra Yojana has been one great example of the same. Yes, over 18 Crore people of our country have shown that they want to work for their own and in a way, contribute towards the country’s growth. But sir, let this be just a start. We need to promote an entrepreneurial spirit that will generate employment besides focusing on direct job creation.Schemes that have promised free food, food for work, free income, etc. have always been an additional cost to the country – and it has seldom added to the India Growth Story. But, if we can generate adequate employment opportunities in the country by using that money, it would not only solve the problem faced by Indians but also directly contribute to the economic status of the country.

It is beyond any doubt that Indians have the best entrepreneurial brains when compared to anyone else across the globe. It is evident when we see Indians leading top-notch companies like Google, Microsoft, and MasterCard amongst many others. If given the opportunity, Indians have and will strive to achieve a higher mark for themselves and in turn, contribute towards the overall growth of India.

On to some numbers – as of now, only about 2% of Indians fall under TDS. By promoting an entrepreneurial spirit amongst young India, it will not just be a direct cause of the rise in employment, but also add to the overall income for the government.

2. Agricultural Development:  India has traditionally been an agricultural economy. Almost 60% of our population is still dependant on agriculture as a source of livelihood. Definitely, your efforts to improve overall rural livelihood by working on the electrification of villages, soil health cards, neem coated urea, soil health cards, etc. are very much perceptible.Like for employment, our farmers always have and continue to work hard to earn their livelihood. They will not be looking for loan waivers, or subsidies if they can earn in a fair manner. Farmers have seen years of loan waivers, and they probably realise that such measures are not going to get them too far. You have spoken about doubling farmers’ income in the past – it is time we ensure that 60% of Indians are in for a pleasant surprise at the end of these five years.

3. Banking Sector:  Over the past five years of your tenure, we have seen the NPA crisis that was looming over the banking sector come into check. With new reforms such as NCLT, IBC, and other stringent guidelines by RBI, banks are reporting lower NPA provisioning, and we are witnessing a revival in NPA recovery. PSBs over the past fiscal have been able to recover Rs. 1.2 lakh crore from stressed assets. And this has almost doubled from Rs. 75,000 lakh crore recovered in 2017-18.Banks will always continue to play an influential role for the development of growth in a country –I request you to continue these measures that do not allow derailing of the banking system in the future. In some senses, we all know the reasons that have caused a crisis like this to snap up, and hence there is need to work on specific measures that encourages banks to enjoy a certain level of autonomy and also make them accountable. The NPAs kind of crisis should be a thing of past, and we do not come across them again.

4. PSUs:  Be it the Banking or the Non-Banking PSUs, we have never been able to make the best use of them. I agree, and I am sure you do as well with the famous saying – the government has no business to be in business. But, we recognize that privatisation isn’t a small activity and would take its own time.Saying this, we also know that there have been significant gaps in running them, resulting in losses and hence having an indirect impact on the exchequer. It is also an open secret on what has been causing these losses. If you can iron them out – you can turn those businesses around. If this happens, I am sure you know it would have a direct impact on their privatisation as well. During your tenure as the chief minister of Gujarat, you had successfully managed to transform several state PSUs by giving them more authority and autonomy. Sir, how about repeating this feat with all other PSU’s across India and turning them into profitable world-class companies?

5. Sanitisation, Healthcare & Education:  It was a pleasure to see the number of efforts you put in for these over the first five years as a PM. Open Defecation Free Villages and construction of household toilets under the Swachh Bharat Yojana has been a big boon for many Indians – especially women & children. A scheme like Ayushman Bharat is undoubtedly something a lot of Indians have been looking out for a long time. We look forward to more and more people getting covered by such initiatives.In the field of education as well, you have taken up some useful initiatives. I am a firm believer of the saying – ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Your steps in the direction to empowering young India towards education, towards skill development, etc. have seen a decent success over your first tenure. We would prompt you to spur education for more and more Indians as it would help them not just generate jobs for themselves, but also create an economically stronger India.

6. One Man Army:  You did mention this in one of your speeches recently, but I would want to highlight the same once again. It happened to some extent in 2014 but was much more evident in the current elections held recently. It may have worked this time around and help you win the elections – but for India to move at a pace faster than what it is running now, we do not need a one-man army when you already have the support of over 350 other MPs.I would like you to ensure all of them to be working and delivering the various government schemes to not just their constituencies but as far and wide as they can. We need all of them to be more accountable, and hence the developmental work gets spread far and wide because turning around a big country as India can pick up speed if there are many hands at work instead of just one or two.

7. Living in a corruption-free society:  By giving you this historic mandate, the people of India have expressed their gratitude towards your previous government that we haven’t come across any significant scams across your first tenure. But sir, we now aspire to live in a cleaner society.We do not want to stay scared if we have to deal with any governmental departments, we do not want to be worried to start a new business, we do not want to be concerned to file a complaint with the police, or we do not want to think multiple times before we approach the court of law to get justice. We Indians have longed to stay in a cleaner environment. Hence I would request you to focus some of your attention towards making our lives easier at the grass root levels as well.

8. Religion, Faith & Belief:  India has always been a country spread across many faiths. Religious diversity has always been a jewel in India’s history. But, after independence, it is unfortunate that there have been many attempts to divide India based on religion or faith or beliefs. As an Indian, it is essential for me to be able to practice my religion, my faith, but, it is even more critical for me to stay closer to the society and not take me away from it.Living in Mumbai has always taught me to live and work along with people from diverse religions and cultures. It has been something that I have treasured all along. I would want you to promote this feeling across the country where people enjoy being a part of this fantastic society. As much as I request you to work on this, I would urge you to deal with this with a lot of sensitivity.

India, as a whole, has suffered a lot over the past decades. And we know what the root causes of riots/clashes are. Emotions of citizens are being misused again and again for petty political gains. As much as I request you to deal with this problem with a lot of sensitivity, I would urge you to try and put an end to such riots. They are not just spoiling the environment but also causing a great deal of financial stress to the government as well as to citizens and also bringing a lot of disrepute to the country.

9. Reservations:  As I mentioned above, we Indians are no longer looking out for free lunches. By voting for you, Indians are indicating that they have come over the plank of getting reservations. Like for religious beliefs & faiths, please deal with this as well with a lot of sensitivity. Indians are looking out for opportunities instead of getting caught up into the same trap that we have been stuck over the past decades. And not just based on the poll mandate, Indians have given enough evidence of no longer wanting free lunches by participating well for the schemes such as Mudra Yojana and Skill India.

Apart from these, I highly appreciate your initiatives under Digital India campaign to ensure that all government services are available to citizens electronically, thereby cutting the red tape that has been a curse for several decades.

Over the five years, Indians had stood right by your side when you took the tough but necessary decisions such as Demonetisation and GST. We have inevitably faced difficulties while they were getting implemented, but, we have stood by your side only because we understand your view around them and positive results for India over the long run, and hence reinforced our faith in your leadership. I want to highlight that your government is probably the first government in global history to get re-elected after the implementation of GST.

People have rejected promises to get free lunches, reservations, etc. because they know these small and fringe initiatives will only push them backward and in turn slow down the growth rate of the Indian economy. We need to work towards increasing the per capita income from the near $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 levels, and this can surely not be achieved by offering citizens free lunches.

People are now looking forward to reaping the rewards in the coming five years of the strict steps that were taken over the past five years. Saying this, if the dreams of a common man are now fulfilled this time, an opportunity like this for India to grow will not present itself again for a long time to come.

As I write to you today, I want to highlight very strongly that I do not have any doubt whatsoever on your intent, but now we need a lot more to be done so that India and Indians are able to live in an India we all have dreamt off.

If you feel we can be of any help to you, we would be more than happy to stand by you and help India become a $ 5 Trillion or a $ 10 Trillion economy that is aspiring to become.

We at Research & Ranking would request you to allow us to carry out the required research, do a systematic dive down into numbers and more to be able to present a white paper to you on the following aspects:

  1. Employment – Identify the areas that can generate employment and invest accordingly
  2. Banking Sectors – How to avoid resurfacing of NPA crisis
  3. Steps to ensure the profitability of PSUs

I am sure that if given an opportunity, we can work closely with your team and give you few suggestions that can help India achieve its goal a bit faster.


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