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Gudi Padwa – Time For Celebrations and a Fresh Start – Research & Ranking

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Gudi Padwa – Time For Celebrations and a Fresh Start.

Gudi Padwa signifies the first day of the Chaitra month to mark the beginning of a New Year according to the Hindu calendar. It is a festival signifying prosperity and a new start.

The day is not just auspicious for Maharashtrians, but for it is of significance for the Telugu Hindus, Kannada Hindus & has an auspicious significance in north India as well as it marks the start of Navratras.

The festival is also linked to being the day when God Brahma is said to have created the universe.

And for me personally, it was the day of Gudi Padwa itself when we tried shifting to our new home back in 2005. Unfortunately the interiors weren’t done in time, so it had to be postponed for a month.


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Time For some gudi padwa Celebrations

With festivals come celebrations – And celebrations include cleaning, rituals and tasty food.

But, considering that Gudi Padwa is among the most auspicious days for Hindus, we try to start with something positive or buy gold or a vehicle or a home and so on.

Allow me to ask you a slightly personal question here – how many of us have thought in the past or even today, especially after seeing all those discounts on homes and cars, that by next Gudi Padwa we will also be amongst the shoppers on this auspicious day.

But, the day comes and the day goes – festivals come and festival go. But, often due to our short term financial commitments, we have to compromise on the bigger dreams we have for ourselves.

Let me give you a small advice today. I know I am too small for it, but I’ll still do it.

To live your dreams, to allow your loved ones to live their dreams – it requires a lot of discipline in the way one leads his/her life.

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And there are 2 critical aspects that help us achieve our dreams:

  • Knowing our goals
  • Planning & taking steady steps in the direction to achieve them

Let me give you an example: If I want to buy a home, I need to first understand the fact that it’s all about buying a home, not something that I just thought of today and went to buy tomorrow.

It requires a lot of thought, both financial and non-financial.

Where to buy, how big a home do I need, what are the requirements of my family, etc.? And then comes the ultimate 2 questions – how much money will I need to buy it, where will that money come from?

That is where those 2 steps become extremely crucial – knowing and understanding my goal and then I need to plan well so that I can actually have the dream come true.

The question is, how? The answer has never been simple – nor will it ever be in the future.

I need to set aside enough savings every single month and then understand that savings or simple investments will never get me anywhere – I need to invest in a way where the money I’ve saved not just beats the inflation – but beats it by a good margin.

Saving money in FDs or bonds or such investment vehicles will keep my money safe, but the growth in my savings will be in line with the rising prices – hence it would just never be enough to buy something like a home.

For buying your first home or a bigger/better home, I will surely need to invest my savings in the newer investment vehicles that have the potential to give me greater returns.

And, that would surely mean investing into Equities. No, don’t think I am trying to sell my services here. (I will not even give you a link to subscribe today) But, in the long run, can you think of any other asset class that has given better returns?

If I compare the data I have at hand, for a period starting 1st April 2014 until 31st December 2018, returns from the Real Estate was only 25.30% & returns from gold was around 11.90%. Now compare this to returns of 61.62% given by Nifty over the same period.

If we agree to the fact that India is a rapidly growing economy, wouldn’t the gap of returns from gold/real estate/FDs and returns from equities only widen?

And if in the near future, falling on the words we all hear of Indian economy becoming a 5 Trillion or a 10 Trillion economy over the next 5-15 years, I leave it to your judgement on what you would want to do.

Read more: About Research and Ranking.

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