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How R&R Is Different From Other Portfolio Advisory Services In India?

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With hundreds of SEBI registered portfolio advisory services in India, how does one choose the right portfolio advisory services for wealth creation?

While choosing between many portfolio advisory services, it is important to partner with an expert that focuses more on wealth creation rather than wealth management. What sets R&R apart from others is our philosophy of wealth creation through value investing.

We strongly believe that wealth cannot be created overnight and hence conduct rigorous research and due diligence to curate a personalized portfolio that is tailored to your situation.

According to estimates, only 2 per cent of Indians invest in stocks and the average Indian investor is often confused, misguided or uninformed despite the fact that equities have delivered the best returns among all asset classes till date. Our objective is to change this scenario by busting the myths about equity investing and providing investors with the best portfolio advisory services in India with an emphasis on long term wealth creation.

Our investment methodology rests on the below-mentioned 5 pillars of wealth creation:

  • A well-balanced and diversified portfolio of 15-20 high-growth potential investment opportunities backed by rigorous research and due diligence
  • Absolute return strategy
  • Using the power of compounding for wealth creation by investing for a long term
  • End to end solution
  • Focus on educating and empowering investors about healthy long-term investing habit

The following table depicts why R&R is one of the best portfolio advisory services in India:


No. Investor Profiles Ground Reality Why R&R Portfolio Advisory Services Is Best Suited For You?
1 I am a mutual funds investor
  • Less customization
  • Over-diversification
  • Weightage Restrictions on sector / stock-wise exposure
  • Customized portfolio advisory service based on investors profile
  • Focused investing with lesser stocks
  • No sector-level or stock-wise investing limit
2 I invest in PMS services
  • Expensive fee structure (2-5% of AUM)
  • Minimum corpus requirement
  • No detailed rationale provided for entry / exit of stocks
  • Nominal fee structure (Fixed fee independent of AUM)
  • Client provided with regular reports citing reasons for entry / exit of stock
3 I have an Independent Financial Advisor
  • Possibility of the advisor recommending based on hearsay / having vested interest
  • No focused investing
  • Recommendations given in our portfolio advisory service is backed by robust research
  • Transparency while communicating with clients
  • No vested interest while recommending a stock
4 I have a broker who advises and executes trades for me
  • Lack of in-depth research
  • “Tip-based” short-term call
  • May encourage frequent trading to boost brokerage income
  • Research is in our DNA
  • Sole focus of our portfolio advisory service is on “long-term wealth-creation” principal
5 I do my own analysis and research
  • Limitations w.r.t. skill sets and infrastructure
  • Time constraints to conduct research on regular basis
  • Equipped with the ability and infrastructure to conduct detailed research
  • End-to-end solutions provider with complete hand-holding
6 I do only daily / short term trading
  • Based on tips, rumors and market operator-based information
  • No peace of mind
  • Sustained wealth creation is not possible
  • Recommendations of our portfolio advisory services are based on hard-core fundamental research
  • Focus on “long-term wealth-creation” principal
7 I don’t have huge investible amount to invest in Equities
  • Investors treat equity investments as a “luxury”, not as a necessity
  • No minimum ticket size
  • Disciplined investing regimen year after year leads to wealth creation
  • Believe in empowering and educating

More About Research & Ranking

Since inception, R&R has educated, empowered and realized the financial goals for more than 6000+ investors by offering a tailor-made equity portfolio advisory services based on their profile.

Our equity portfolio advisory service is backed by detailed research comprising of team of in-house research analysts with a collective experience of several decades. Despite the uncertainty surrounding equities in 2018, the model portfolio recommended by our equity portfolio advisory services has delivered an outstanding returns of 77.96% in just 32 months.

We are a part of the Equentis Group that was incorporated in the year 2009. Currently. R&R is led by the team of passionate and knowledgeable 90+ professionals with 3 offices across India.

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