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How To Improve Your Finances In 2022

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How To Improve Your Finances In 2022 - Financial Freedom

The New Year calls for a new list of resolutions, with no surprise!

You may have added Financial Freedom or invested wisely to your resolutions list to Improve Your Finances in 2022, and want to achieve. If you stick to the resolution, you have our blessings. If you may not stick to them, this series will prompt you to fix your broken resolutions for sure.

Shall we begin to understand How To Improve Your Finances In 2022?

Let’s Understand Personal Finance First

Simple to read, yet difficult to understand is what we call it. According to Investopedia, “personal finance is a term that covers managing your money as well as saving and investing. It involves budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, tax and estate planning.”

It is all about meeting your short-term and long-term financial goals, whether it’s buying a new vehicle, owning a bigger house, saving for children’s education or for your startup, planning for retirement – the list is never-ending. 

Achieving these goals depends on how much you earn, spend, your lifestyle, and the plan to fulfill these needs within your financial boundaries.

Becoming financially literate is vital to make the most of your income and savings, and achieve Financial Freedom in true sense. Understanding the nuances of finance will help you distinguish between good and bad advice allowing you to take smart decisions.

Here’s what we will talk of in the series through the week

The series has 3 chapters that will guide you to invest in equities wisely and achieve financial freedom.

5 evergreen mantras for your financial fitness:

The pandemic not only brought health into focus but also provided a center stage to the importance of wealth. Here we tell you 5 evergreen and effective mantras to keep your financial health in shape and achieve financial freedom. Another plus point is, that these mantras will help you stay physically fit too.

Looks like coronavirus will be a part of our lives and we may have learn to live with it. Come winter and we have a new variant Omicron making thousands ill with numbers growing every day. Whether you are back to working from home or going to office on alternate days, forgetting your resolutions is a Big No. Read More.. 

4 Smart Money Moves to Achieve Financial Freedom today:

We understand you work hard to earn your monthly income. So, here are 4 smart moves to improve your finances or rather earn more money in 2022. Remember, money grows when you use it smartly.

You are aware that the US Fed is expecting a rate hike this year, which will cause a liquidity crunch in the markets. This means, the emerging markets like India that enjoyed foreign institutional investor inflows (FIIs) over the last year, will see an outflow for a short period. Read More..

Ideal equity allocation for you:

No one should have a 100% allocation in equities. Yes, we say that! Considering the volatile nature of the markets, it’s recommended to invest only a part of your surplus income or savings in Equities. This chapter will tell you how much you should invest in equities based on several factors.

Have you seen anyone invest in an asset and not expect to profit? Well, we haven’t yet. Every investor invests with an idea to profit from investments. That’s why choosing the best stocks, fixed income and short-term instruments with care becomes imperative. Read More..

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey said it best-

“You must gain control over your money

Or, the lack of it will forever control you!”

Dave Ramsey

Read more: How Long term investing helps create life-changing wealth – TOI 

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