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Key Differentiators to Look At While Choosing a Stock Market Advisory

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Cricket fever is still at a high in our country. After all, cricket is the most loved and played game in India. Whether you watch cricket or not, you cannot merely ignore cricket. Because you hear everybody around you talking about it, especially during IPL or World Cup tournaments. But that’s still fine.

What is worse is that everybody around is also a self-proclaimed expert on cricket and keep commenting that “XYZ should have played like this or ABC team should have batted first instead of balling.’’

Now, how many of these people do you honestly think would have even played cricket regularly?

But irrespective of their actual experience in playing cricket, everybody likes to give advice. This is precisely what happens in stock markets too.

Everybody around will give you advice on which stocks to buy or sell without knowing the actual reason behind it. It doesn\’t matter whether they are newbies or seasoned stock market investors. There is no shortage of free advice floating all around you when it comes to investing in the stock market in India.

Then there are another class of investors who believe in luck because they consider investing in stock markets are similar to gambling in casinos.

Investing in stock markets and gambling in casinos are not the same

I am sure you might have heard of the courier company FedEx. There is a very interesting story of the company and its founder, which is associated with luck. According to an article on Wikipedia, just three years after FedEx was founded, it reached the verge of bankruptcy due to rapidly rising fuel costs and failure to raise additional capital. Just three years after FedEx was founded, it reached the verge of bankruptcy due to rapidly rising fuel costs and failure to raise additional capital.

At its low point, FedEx’s founder flew to Las Vegas with the last $5000 left in the company’s funds to try his luck at the casino.  He managed to win $27000 which was just enough to keep the company running for a few days more.

This helped the founder get the crucial time of a few additional days where the company managed to get new investments and stay afloat. Today, FedEx is estimated to be worth around $25-$35 billion.

FedEx\’s founder was lucky. But then how many people do you know, who are so fortunate?

Stock markets and casinos are miles apart, but yet many people look at them with the same lens. And when they fail, they blame their luck.

One cannot be a successful stock market investor by depending on luck or tips given by others. To be a successful investor one needs a lot of patience as well as do a lot of homework in the form of research by studying financial statements of companies.

I understand that given your busy life, you may not have the time for the same. That\’s why we are here to do all the hard work for you.

Factors which sets Research & Ranking apart from other stock market advisory services in India:

In-depth research is our greatest strength

Recommendations given in our portfolio advisory service are backed by thorough research conducted by our in-house research team, which has a collective experience of several decades.

We look at a company with a perspective of owning a share in a business and hence, the level of coverage and scope is vast and most unique, unparalleled in the industry.

High levels of personalization

One size does not fit all. We understand that this is applicable in investing too.

That is why, depending on your risk profile, we offer you a highly customized portfolio of 15-20 high growth companies with the limited downside of 10-15% at the portfolio level.

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Complete handholding for stock market investors

We take total care of your equity investments with complete handholding in the form of not just advising you on the right investment opportunities in the stock market in India, but also on the right time to exit a business as well as rebalancing your portfolio as and when required.

Meeting the stakeholders is a part of our research methodology

Apart from the financials of a company, there are some intangible qualities which are not visible on the surface. That\’s why our process to analyze a business before recommending it also includes a visit to the plant in case of manufacturing companies, talking to the management about their vision and future outlook. But that\’s not all. We also go further in assessing the ground-level reality by talking to distributors, suppliers and retailers.


Technology is continously changing our lives for the better. From communication to travel to medicine, everything is getting better with the advancement in technologies. Technology is an integral part of our entire process right from identifying the best investment opportunities for wealth creation to bringing the end product to our clients.

Our robust technology platform helps you create a ‘customized’ stock market investment portfolio with the desired investible surplus. You can also create your own portfolio and compare it 24*7*365 days with our  5×5 portfolio.

Our robust technology infrastructure offers a real-time review of portfolio holdings, including stock-specific alerts on company news, events, board announcements, quarterly reports and portfolio balancing and changes in recommendations.

You can also create monthly SIPs with a similar allocation mirroring the portfolio based on our recommended portfolio along with stock specific weights.

So you see transparency is our key element. That’s why we can proudly boast of having more than 10,000 satisfied customers who appreciate our key strengths and have chosen Research & Ranking as their trusted stock market advisory.

Get started with your investment now

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