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Life Teaches You A Lot. But Do We Even Take A Note?

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We all are pressed for time, especially when it relates to balancing family and professional life alike.

Take my example being a person employed in a great organization that respects its clients and its employees alike. The only issue (If there is one) is the travelling in Mumbai, specifically between my office and home. To share, I stay at Kandivli, and my office is around 33 kms away from my house.

Travelling to the office is nothing less than an adventure

It involves me to jump on an auto-rickshaw, then to a local train and then to an auto-rickshaw again to reach the office.

Oh, the ordeal here is generally 1.5 hours on an average.

The stop where I board my train for a long journey back home often is jostling with passengers carrying their office bags like a soldier would have done in any action movie. It amazes me the swiftness with which they get onboard, hunt for a seat and by the time I join the chaos, they had already started reading the important chat that they continued before the local train came!

Now can I be as swift as them, probably not because I am not getting any younger these days!
I guess I have gotten used to the routine because I know that\’s the way life is-until recently I noticed someone do something that made my life a little more, can we say \”comforting\”!

This is where a woman in her mid-50s taught me the lesson that I needed otherwise as well (for my investing). Become a contrarian while investing in the Indian stock market!

So, she would board the local train going two stops the opposite direction! When the train from the end station arrived 22-24 minutes later, she would be seated comfortably without a sweat on her face and be very happy! The cost was built in already as it was a season ticket, so it was budgeting the time reaching home happier, I guess!

This is what I have learnt with the current equities\’ scenario & markets as well.

A valuable lesson which I learnt from this while investing in the Indian stock market

I know that the levels of 8,000-8,400 (Nifty) are where I am, waiting to board a TRAIN that will take me to the destination – my home of 14000 levels (this will change as we go along). But the point is that when the train comes for boarding (the Indian stock markets turning happier), that is when the market TURNS GREEN, the people who jump in will not give me a chance to board and I may have to be pushed around, thrown out battered waiting for the next one, and the next one.

That\’s what the revival trend will mean any day now. I may not have the chance to board the TRAIN on its journey towards 13,500-14,000 levels!!

So, what do I do?? Since I have bought a season ticket, which is the RIGHT to invest for myself and my loved ones, I will board the train but in the opposite direction that is at levels of 8,000-8,400. Actually, many smart people are boarding at these levels along with me as well!  To invest in quality stocks trading at bargain prices click here.

I will come back and ZIP through the same local station but in a FAST-LOCAL train this time with a seat that I prefer! That\’s where I will have time to pick a seat of my choice (=stocks) and a train of my liking (=markets).

See, I told you- LIFE TEACHES ONE A LOT!!

Happy riding, happy investing!!

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