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Playing ‘Time The Market’ Is A Game of Loss

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If there is one thing that we can safely predict about the equity markets, it is the volatility attached with it. The Indian stock market moves to and fro constantly which leaves the investors in a dilemma. With the chaos of doubt constantly hovering around us, wouldn’t it be an amazing if we could find a way to beat the game of ‘ Time the market’? In theory, the idea of optimizing the upside gains and avoiding the losses seems captivating. However, in reality it is difficult to foretell the trends in the stock market. Many investors are generally under the delusion that they can outwit the volatility hence they end up losing money and from there the blame game starts. They end up cursing their luck or the wicked forces behind the Indian stock markets. So, why not concentrate on ‘Time in the market’ rather than inventing irrelevant attempts to ‘Time the market.’

The following scenario explains why we believe in ‘time in the market’ rather than ‘timing the market’. \"\" As you can see, the BSE Sensex surged by around 27% in the last one year. Investors banking on ‘Time in the market’ were all in smiles, while others trying to time the market were left in despair.

So are you still trying to \’time the market\’?

Why not invest in winner stocks which you can hold for a long-term. And while you hold them, all you have to do is sit and watch them with pride as they give you healthy returns. We at Research and Ranking have state of the art technology and highly knowledgeable research professionals to guide you in your wealth creation journey. We focus on long-term investing by recommending fundamentally sound stocks. We also believe in Educating and Empowering you to be your own Wealth Manager by leveraging on our knowledge and research that will help you create wealth at 30% to 40% on a CAGR basis.

We hate losing money as much you do! However, we don’t only worry about it, we even walk that extra mile to help you curb your losses.

Happy Investing!!!

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