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Why You Should Seek The Advice Of Professionals For Stock Market Recommendations?

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I came across an online survey done by ET wealth that reveals “In India, only 12% of investors have a financial advisor.”

Markets can be a bit frustrating for first-time investors, especially during its sudden highs and lows. Last year in January 2018, when markets were touching its new highs, naïve investors like Vishnu and his wife were diligently preparing for their future goals with a corpus of around 3.5 lakh still remaining. They collectively planned to invest in stocks with the help of their friend’s stock market advice to make up for the remaining amount in short-term.

As it is well said, “Nothing comes for free”. The market collapsed, their investments stumbled.

On the other hand, Rahul was also a naïve investor who was a bit reluctant to invest in the stock market. The reason behind the fear was the heavy losses incurred by his father a few years back. Later when he came across some stock market advice by a financial investor over the ups and downs of the market, Rahul realized that he is missing out by not investing and planning for his long-term wealth creation plans. He started his research for the best equity research advisory services for a stock market recommendation. With the help of the right financial partner, he also got to know about how the stock market cycle work and systematic investments work.

These two cases underline the fact that the right advice at a right time can make a difference. DIY investing or investing based on hearsays can cause severe damage.

A stock market advisor gives you expert stock advice and identifies the best businesses for you as per your profile. With this, they help you with the right investment methodology during bear markets as well.

Here are a few most important reasons why you should seek an expert’s Stock market advice:

Designs A Solution Tailored To Your Situation

Stock markets are very volatile, these highly volatile market can cause huge losses. Every investor has short-term and long term goals and to achieve those financial goals investors, one need to wisely craft a well-defined wealth creation strategy. A stock market expert plays an important role by giving more goal-based solution to investors. They can provide you with customized solutions as per your need, risk appetite and financial objectives.

Helps To Take Decisions Backed By Facts & Empirical Evidence

A stock market advisor can identify the quality businesses with long term prospects through their analytical skills and experience over various business cycles. Often it is seen that stock market advisor can provide a financial acumen as well back you with detailed research reports.

They can give you best stock market recommendation that has high probability of delivering good returns and can also help you to identify non-performing stocks to save you from further losses.

Provides End-to-End Solution

The stock market advisor helps you with highly detailed reports, portfolio allocation, buying range, etc. Stock market advisor provides you with time to time stock market recommendation and quarterly update over the performance by keeping a hawk’s eye on your portfolio.

Rebalance Your Investments

Portfolio rebalancing is one of the services provided by a stock market advisor. Stock market advisor help you to rebalance your portfolio by identifying non-performing stocks by adjusting your assets allocation and identifying new investment opportunities to ensure you remain in sync with your financial goals.


With all the above-discussed points, we can clearly see that stock market professional can add immense value to the investment journey. With ease in the stock market recommendation and other services, a stock market professional can make your investing journey stress-free and hassle-free while helping you create wealth in a systematic way.

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