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3 Debuts, 4 Closings, And 9 Listings: Expect A Power-packed Week In The IPO Market

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Ever feel like the IPO market moves at a snail’s pace? Well, this week is definitely not one of those! Get ready for a whirlwind of activity, with new companies entering the IPO market, existing offerings closing their subscriptions, and multiple listings on Dalal Street. Here’s the breakdown:

Fresh Faces on the Block: 3 New IPOs Open for Bidding

The SME segment is the show’s star this week regarding new listings. Three companies are opening their IPOs, aiming to raise ₹86.8 crore.

Chatha Foods

Calling all foodies! This frozen food processor caters to big names like Dominos and Subway’s India franchise, offering a chance to invest in the booming food service industry. They aim to raise ₹34 crore through their IPO opening on March 19th.

Chatha Foods IPO Details

Offer Price₹53 – ₹56 per share
Face Value₹10 per share
Opening Date19 March 2024
Closing Date21  March 2024
Total Issue Size (in Shares)5,962,000
Total Issue Size (in ₹)₹34 Cr
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Lot Size2,000 Shares

Omfurm India FPO

Omfurn India FPO: This established manufacturer might interest you if you’re into furniture and design. Omfurn India specializes in pre-finished wooden doors and modular furniture and is seeking ₹27 crore through a follow-on public offering.

Omfurm India FPO Details

Offer Price₹71 – ₹75 per share
Face Value₹10 per share
Opening Date20 March 2024
Closing Date22  March 2024
Total Issue Size (in Shares)3,600,000
Total Issue Size (in ₹)₹27 Cr
Issue Type Book Built Issue FPO
Lot Size2,400 Shares

Vishwas Agri Seeds

This Gujarat-based company is a key player in the seed industry, supplying farmers with over 75 crop varieties. Looking to raise ₹25.8 crore, they could be a good option for investors interested in the agricultural sector.

Vishwas Agri Seeds Limited Details

Offer Price₹86 per share
Face Value₹10 per share
Opening Date21 March 2024
Closing Date26  March 2024
Total Issue Size (in Shares)3,000,000
Total Issue Size (in ₹)₹25.80 Cr
Issue Type Fixed Price Issue IPO
Lot Size1600 Shares

Closing the Deal: 4 Existing IPOs Wrap Up Subscriptions

For those already tracking some ongoing IPOs, keep an eye on the closing dates:

Facilities management company Krystal Integrated Services Ltd. closes its issue on March 18th. KP Green Engineering’s SME IPO closes on March 19th, alongside Enfuse Solutions and Enser Communications.

CompanyIssue Size Subscription Closing Date
Krystal Integrated Services Ltd.₹300.13 Cr.18 March 2024
KP Green Engineering₹189.50 Cr.19 March 2024
Enfuse Solutions’ ₹22.44 Cr.19 March 2024
Enser Communications’₹16.17 Cr.19 March 2024

The Big Stage: 9 Companies Gear Up for Listing

Nine companies are prepped for listing this week; some are finalized, and others are expected soon. Here’s a quick rundown (tentative listing dates mentioned):

CompanyExchangeListing Date
Pratham EPC ProjectsNSE SME18 March 2024
Signoria CreationNSE SME19 March 2024
Royal SenseBSE SME19 March 2024
Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd. BSE & NSE19 March 2024
AVP InfraconNSE SME20 March 2024
Krystal Integrated Services Ltd.BSE & NSE21 March 2024
Enser CommunicationsNSE SME22 March 2024
Enfuse SolutionsNSE SME22 March 2024
KP Green EngineeringBSE SME22 March 2024

Stay Informed, Make Smart Decisions

This week promises to be a dynamic one in the IPO market. With new companies entering the fray and existing offerings reaching their conclusion, there’s much to keep track of. Remember, thorough research is vital before making any investment decisions. So, do your homework, analyze these companies, and see if any align with your financial goals!

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