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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration: 5 Stocks to look out for

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 5 Businesses Riding The Ayodhya Pilgrimage Boom

The opening of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir hasn’t just brought joy to hearts; it’s given new life to the city itself. Ayodhya is no longer a pilgrimage center – it’s become a hot spot for business! Factories are buzzing, exports are up by an incredible 130%, and everyone’s looking for a piece of the action. Houses are in high demand, with real estate inquiries flooding in. Even local families are getting a boost, opening their homes to visitors with the homestay boom.

Big companies like Indian Hotels and IRCTC will benefit from this wave. But some investors are looking for hidden treasures – smaller companies with the potential to become giants in 2024. Let’s discover these hidden gems, ready to shine bright in Ayodhya’s exciting new chapter.

1. Apollo Sindoori Hotels

This budget hotel chain, catering to value-conscious pilgrims, has already witnessed a 32% share price surge in just 2 days, ending at Rs 1,998 on Tuesday, 16th January ’24 on NSE. They’re building more budget-friendly hotels around Ayodhya, perfect for pilgrims and tourists looking for comfort, which is well within their budget. This affordable approach could get them a significant percentage of the visitor boom.

2. Praveg

Praveg, the pilgrimage guru, is crafting unique journeys – think temple visits, local walks, and workshops – to tap into Ayodhya’s spiritual and cultural riches. They’re even partnering up to create “tent cities” for immediate needs, catering to pilgrims of all budgets. Its shares have rallied 47% in just 3 days to Rs 1,219.10 on BSE. Their diverse range of tour packages and focus on spiritual tourism cater perfectly to the evolving needs of travelers.

3. Genesys International

Genesys International, the amusement park expert, is set on bringing family fun to Ayodhya. They might even build a theme park or entertainment complex, offering exciting escapes for travelers with kids. As Ayodhya transforms into a family-friendly destination, Genesys stands to tap into this growing leisure market. Their shares rallied up to 7% to the day’s high of Rs 487 on Tuesday, reflecting investor confidence in their potential. 

4. IndiGo

IndiGo, the aviation giant, focuses intensively on Ayodhya. They’re adding more flights, connecting the city to more places, and partnering with travel agencies to create tempting travel packages. With air travel becoming crucial for reaching Ayodhya, IndiGo is well-positioned to dominate the skies above this rising star. Its market share has already gained 23% in the last month.

5. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)

While IRCTC is a largecap, its exposure to Ayodhya through its catering services and pilgrim trains makes it an interesting pick. The increased train traffic to Ayodhya is expected to boost IRCTC’s revenues and ridership. The stock is already up by 23% in the last month, signaling anticipation of increased train traffic and revenues.

Ayodhya’s growing spiritual and cultural significance could benefit these companies. The potential for success is influenced by various factors, including market trends and their ability to adapt to changing demands. Investors should carefully assess these factors before making any investment decisions.

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