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Aditya Birla’s Subsidiary Novelis Plans US IPO: Targets $945 Million, $12.6 Billion Valuation

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Aditya Birla's Subsidiary Novelis Plans US IPO: Targets $945 Million, $12.6 Billion Valuation

Have you ever wondered what happens to all that aluminum you recycle? A big chunk of it might end up with Novelis Inc., a leading producer of flat-rolled aluminum products and the world’s largest aluminum recycler. And guess what?

This Aditya Birla Group subsidiary is preparing to take center stage on the US stock exchange through a much-anticipated IPO. Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming US IPO and what it means for the company and investors.

Novelis Inc. IPO Details

Offer Price$18- $21 per share
Exchange New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Ticker SymbolNVL
Opening DateTo be announced
Closing DateTo be announced
Total Issue Size (in Shares)45,000,000 
Total Issue Size (in $)$ 945,000,000
Source: Novelis

Going Public with a Bang

The subsidiary is aiming for a grand entrance into the US stock market. Their target valuation? A whopping $12.6 billion! To achieve this, they’re offering 45 million shares with a price range of $18-$21 each. This could potentially raise up to $945 million for Hindalco Industries, the parent company.

Interestingly, Novelis is not selling these shares directly. Instead, AV Minerals (Netherlands) NV, another wholly-owned subsidiary of Hindalco, will offload these shares. Even after the IPO, Hindalco will still hold a majority stake (around 92.5%) in the subsidiary, owning 555 million of its common shares.

A Landmark Moment

This IPO holds special significance for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s poised to be the biggest US IPO by an Indian company. Secondly, it marks the return of the subsidiary to the US stock exchange after being delisted in 2007 following its acquisition by Hindalco. This move signifies a renewed focus on the US market for Novelis.

AD 4nXcbPymaZTDrtTNvpf5eibVtE5QeGuF3YCsXYE0wYfwktfPIelL4U12viErOen7djxgB2vDOHippnuDfs
    Source: Novelis Annual Report

 So, what’s the money for?

Many analysts are asking this question. Hindalco’s current financial situation is strong, with minimal debt. As of March, its net debt was Rs 31,536 crore at the consolidated level, with a treasury balance of Rs 22,965 crore. On the other hand, the company carries a debt of $4349 million, which has increased from last year’s $4142 million

The purpose of the IPO proceeds hasn’t been disclosed yet. Hindalco plans to invest domestically, but Novelis itself is pursuing a major greenfield project in the US. We’ll have to wait and see how the company utilizes these funds.

Investing in the Future

Both Novelis and Hindalco have ambitious growth plans. Novelis is pursuing a massive $4.1 billion project to build a new greenfield rolling and recycling facility in the US. Meanwhile, Hindalco has earmarked Rs 6,000 crore for capital expenditure (capex) in India for the current financial year.

Let’s do a SWOT analysis of Novelis Inc.


The US IPO market seems to be recovering in 2024, and Novelis’ offering could significantly contribute to this trend. This move highlights the Aditya Birla Group’s confidence in Novelis’ potential and ambition to become a major player on the global stage. As the company embarks on this new chapter, investors will be closely watching how Novelis navigates the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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