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Gautam Adani Richer By $5.6 Billion In Just A Week

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The year has saved the best for last for billionaire Gautam Adani, as the business tycoon’s fortune skyrocketed by $5.6 billion last week. Tuesday’s trading day began on a solid note, riding on a rally in his companies’ stocks and increasing the Group’s market value by $12 million in just one day.

It’s a remarkable leap that comes on the heels of a challenging period where Adani’s net worth took a gigantic hit due to allegations of financial irregularities raised by the American short-seller Hindenburg Research in a report on 24 January 2023. 

Adani Stocks Rise

The Adani Group stocks witnessed an incredible upswing as the Supreme Court refrained from giving a verdict on a set of petitions and requested an investigation into accusations of misconduct against the conglomerate. Although a conclusive judgment is awaited, the apex court’s ruling clarified it wouldn’t give undue weight to scathing media reports or hold them as absolute truth. The stock market interpreted the court’s stance positively, prompting substantial investments into the Group throughout the week. 

Hindenburg Impact & Recovery

The Hindenburg report accused the Adani Group of stock market manipulation, which the latter adamantly refuted. This controversy prompted the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to investigate, resulting in a staggering market value drop of $153 billion for the Group.

The court appointed an expert panel of six members who stated in their interim report in May that they saw no regulatory malpractice or price manipulation. However, recent months have seen a noteworthy recovery, partly fueled by strategic investments from GQG Partners and the Qatar Investment Authority. Securing a $3.5 billion refinancing loan further bolstered investor confidence in the Adani Group.

Gautam Adani’s Networth

Gautam Adani’s net worth is estimated at $59.5 billion, marking a significant recovery from the whopping $55 billion loss he experienced amid the allegations. The first-generation entrepreneur in the 1980s has navigated tumultuous wealth fluctuations in the volatile market landscape and transitioned from being the world’s second-richest person to holding the 20th position currently. This is also one of the biggest wealth shifts among tycoons this year.

A Bloomberg report highlighted the recent surge in Adani Group stock, attributing part of it to the overall market euphoria following the victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party in three state elections. On Monday, Adani Group companies witnessed significant gains, with flagship firm Adani Enterprises soaring by 7.8% and Adani Green Energy jumping by 8.43%.

Notably, after the recent Supreme Court hearing, Adani-owned firms experienced a surge in stock prices, collectively adding around ₹15,000 crore to their market value. The Adani Group’s overall market capitalization of its 10 companies stood at approximately ₹10.26 lakh crore post the court’s hearing, signaling a significant rebound from the lows faced earlier.

Gautam Adani’s recent resurgence seems to mirror the confidence rekindled among investors, underscoring the profound impact of legal proceedings and market sentiment on a business magnate’s fortunes.

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Source: Investing.com

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