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Gold vs Stocks: Which is a Better Investment Option for Higher Returns?

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We know that the age-old Gold and the contemporary equities are two of the most popular investment options, but which is better? Before comparing the two, let’s get a basic understanding of each.

Investing in Gold

Well, for centuries, Gold has been a go-to investment choice for Indians. It is a scarce and durable asset that has retained its value over time. Gold is also seen as a safe-haven asset, meaning it tends to hold its value or even increase it during economic uncertainty.

Investing in Stocks

Stocks, or shares or equities, are a more modern investment option. It represents ownership in a company and could be a more volatile and unpredictable investment than Gold. However, investing in shares also has the potential to generate higher returns over the long term.

For example, you are impressed with ABC Ltd.’s performance and decide to invest Rs. 20,000 in the company by buying 100 shares at Rs. 200 per share. With this, you become a shareholder in ABC Ltd. and own a portion of the company. You may also receive a share of the company’s profits.

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However, the question remains. Which one is better?

Well, that now depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. Gold may be a good choice if you want a safe investment to preserve wealth. If you want an investment that has the potential to generate high returns over the long term, then equity may be a better option.

How Has Gold & Equity Moved in the Past 10 Years?

In 2013, the price of 10gm of 24-karat gold was Rs. 29,600. As of November 2023, this rose to Rs. 62,480, a 111% return in 10 years.

On the other hand, the stock market increased from 6,299 in October 2013 to 19,406.70 in November 2023. This is a 200% return in 10 years.

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Gold v/s Stocks: Quick Summary

Asset typeCommodityFinancial asset
Gold is a low-risk asset.
Equities are prone to volatility
Return potentialMedium
Approx. 13% returns in 2023
(Source: Economic Times)
Approx. 20% returns in 2023
(Source: Forbes Advisor)
Correlation to the stock marketLow
Gold is a fixed asset. Doesn’t rely on the stock market.
Returns depend on the NSE/BSE stock exchange.
You can go to the market and convert your gold into cash.
You can sell your equities when the stock market opens.
Income potentialLow
Gold doesn’t offer compounding or dividends
You can take advantage of compounding growth of equities as well as the dividends.
Diversification potentialLow
You can either invest in physical gold or gold ETFs or G-Secs
You can buy shares in different companies

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether Gold or equity is a better investment. It depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. Diversifying your investment portfolio by investing in various asset classes, including Gold and equity, is essential to maximize available opportunities. However, you must thoroughly research every asset and consult your financial advisor before investing.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Gold & Equities

  1. Which is a better investment: Gold or equity?

    It truly depends on your individual investment goals and risk tolerance. Gold is a safe investment with low volatility but offers lower returns over the long term. Equity is a riskier investment but can achieve higher returns over the long term.

  2. Should I invest in Gold and equity?

    Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in various asset classes, including Gold and equity. This will help optimize your overall risk and maximize your return potential.

  3. How can I invest in Gold and equity?

    There are many different ways to invest in Gold and equity. You can buy physical gold coins or bars or invest in gold ETFs or mutual funds. You can also buy individual stocks or invest in index or equity-linked mutual funds.

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