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Gujarat Global Summit 2024: 10 Announcements To Know

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Gujarat Global Summit 2024

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024, which commenced on January 10 and ended on the 12th, emerged as a transformative event for India. It witnessed active participation from global business leaders, setting the stage for economic growth, investments, and international partnerships.

This summit was a critical platform to showcase Gujarat as a premier investment hub. Prime Minister Modi’s direct involvement underscores the state’s pivotal role in the nation’s overall development. The spotlight shone on India’s two wealthiest businessmen, Gautam Adani, and Mukesh Ambani, as they took center stage during the summit with announcements that could redefine Gujarat’s economic landscape.

Top 10 Announcements at the Gujarat Global Summit

  1. Adani’s $24 Billion Investment: Gautam Adani pledged a staggering $24 billion over the next five years, not merely as an investment but as a commitment to creating 1 lakh jobs in Gujarat, significantly impacting the state’s employment landscape.
  2. Green Energy Revolution: Adani Groups committed around $100 billion towards transitioning to green energy over the next decade, signaling a transformative shift in India’s energy ecosystem. This move aligns with global environmental goals and positions India as a leader in sustainable practices.
  1. Carbon Fibre Facility: Mukesh Ambani’s announcement about India’s first world-class carbon fiber facility at Hazira, Gujarat, marks a pioneering step toward enhancing India’s manufacturing capabilities in advanced materials.
  2. Green Energy Giga Complex: The plan to establish a green energy giga complex on a sprawling 5,000-acre site in Jamnagar by 2024 reflects Reliance Industries’ commitment to sustainability and signifies a substantial contribution to India’s clean energy goals.
  1. Semiconductor Fab in Dholera: N Chandrasekaran’s revelation about building a semiconductor fab in Gujarat’s Dholera, operational by 2024, underscores the state’s leap into advanced technology manufacturing.
  2. Lithium-Ion Storage Battery Factory: Tata Group’s ambitious plan to construct a massive 20-gigawatt lithium-ion storage battery factory in Sanand within the next two months positions Gujarat as a critical player in the electric vehicle revolution.
  1. Suzuki’s Expansion: Toshihiro Suzuki announced a ₹35,000 crore investment for Suzuki’s second manufacturing facility in Gujarat, which will contribute to the state’s economic growth and align with India’s automotive sector expansion plans.
  2. Dutch, Singaporean, and Tech Investments: The Dutch and Singaporean firms and Nvidia’s partner firm Yotta’s plan to commission an “artificial intelligence data center” in GIFT City announced investments exceeding $7 billion.
  1. World’s Largest Steel Manufacturing Factory: Lakshmi Mittal’s revelation about building the world’s single biggest steel manufacturing factory at Hazira in Gujarat by 2029, with a capacity of 24 million tonnes per annum, could position Gujarat as a hub for heavy industries.
  1. India’s Global Standing: India is poised to be among the top three economies globally, promising significant investments and strategic partnerships that could aid India’s ascent on the global economic stage.

Summit Achievements

  • Record-breaking MoUs: MoUs exemplify the summit’s achievements for investments exceeding INR 45 lakh crores across 98,540 projects, marking a historic milestone for Gujarat and solidifying its position as an investment destination.
  • Global Participation: With 34 partner countries and 16 partner organizations actively engaged, the summit attracted global attention and fostered international collaboration, further elevating Gujarat’s global standing.
  • Bilateral Talks: Prime Minister Modi’s bilateral discussions with vital global figures, including executives from Suzuki Motor Corp, AP Moller, Micron Technology, and others, highlight the summit’s role in fostering international cooperation and strategic partnerships.
  • A Decade of Growth: The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024, overcoming the challenges of the previous year, has not only surpassed the achievements of the 2022 edition but has also set a new benchmark with 41,299 projects worth INR 26.33 lakh crores signed, showcasing Gujarat’s resilience and commitment to sustained growth.
  • Green Hydrogen Mission: Member of NITI Aayog, Shri V. K. Saraswat, shed light on the ‘Mission Green Hydrogen,’ aiming to produce five million metric tons of green hydrogen in India by 2030. Gujarat’s expected significant contribution aligns with the state’s commitment to sustainable practices.
  • International Collaboration: The signing of five MoUs between the Gujarat government and the UK, fostering strategic cyber cooperation and technology collaboration, strengthens the state’s cybersecurity infrastructure, positioning it at the forefront of technological advancements.

In conclusion, the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 was a testament to India’s resilience and determination for economic progress. The active participation of global business leaders has laid the foundation for a prosperous and sustainable future.


  1. How will Adani's $24 billion investment impact Gujarat's employment?

    Adani's investment is not just monetary; it's a commitment to creating 1 lakh jobs in Gujarat, significantly boosting the state's employment landscape.

  2. What is the significance of the green energy commitments made by Adani Groups and Reliance Industries?

    These commitments mark a transformative shift towards sustainable energy practices, aligning with global environmental goals and positioning India as a leader in green initiatives.

  3. How does the summit contribute to India's global standing?

    With its record-breaking investments and international collaborations, the Gujarat Global summit reinforces India's position as a key player in the global economic landscape.

  4. What are the key areas of collaboration in the MoUs signed during the summit?

    The MoUs cover diverse areas, including technology, green energy, steel manufacturing, and cyber cooperation, fostering comprehensive development.

  5. How does Gujarat plan to contribute to the 'Mission Green Hydrogen'?

    Gujarat is expected to significantly produce five million metric tons of green hydrogen by 2030 under the 'Mission Green Hydrogen.

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