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India’s Services Sector PMI Hits 13-Year High

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In a recent development, India’s Services PMI Business Activity Index has surged to a remarkable 13-year high. Based on a comprehensive survey involving approximately 400 service-oriented companies, this index provides valuable insights into the current state of businesses and their future outlook.

This article delves into the details of this significant milestone for India’s services sector.

Understanding the PMI

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for services is a vital metric derived from the feedback of various companies across sectors like transportation, information technology, communication, finance, insurance, real estate, and business services. When the PMI reading surpasses 50, it indicates sector expansion.

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Record-Breaking Performance

In September, India’s services sector displayed an extraordinary performance, boasting the highest output in the last 13 years. The S&P Global’s services PMI for India soared to an impressive 61, up from 60.1 in August. This remarkable feat signifies 26 consecutive months of sustained growth without contraction.

Despite a slight deceleration in export growth in September, the sector maintained its expansionary trend for the eighth month. This resilience in the face of challenges is a testament to the robustness of India’s services industry.

Positive Business Sentiment

One of the most promising indicators is the surge in business sentiment for the coming year. This optimism hasn’t been this high since June 2014, indicating a strong belief in the sector’s continued growth and stability.

In addition to the positive performance, companies within the services sector have been actively hiring. This marks 16 months of consecutive employment growth, underscoring the sector’s economic contribution.

Key Takeaways

The exceptional performance of the services sector has far-reaching implications for India’s overall economic landscape. With consistent growth, this sector continues to be a cornerstone of the nation’s economic stability.

The surge in India’s Services PMI Business Activity Index is a testament to the resilience and vitality of the services sector. This 13-year high reflects not only past accomplishments but also the promising future that lies ahead.


  1. How has the export growth performed in September?

    Despite a slight slowdown, India's services sector maintained an expansionary trend for the eighth month.

  2. How long has the employment growth been sustained in the sector?

    Companies within the services sector have been actively hiring for an impressive 16 consecutive months.

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