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Nifty Closing: Top NSE Gainer and Loser Stocks on 20th November ’23

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Nifty Closing: Top NSE Gainer and Loser Stocks on 20th November '23

Today, the domestic stock market was sluggish after India lost to Australia in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. As every Indian’s dreams were slashed yesterday, today, the market dropped to 19700. Nifty 50 dropped marginally by 0.19% and closed at 19694, compared to its close of 19731.80 during the previous session. The marginal drop is due to normal market movement, as its Asian peers are going strong, while Wall Street has been gaining for three consecutive weeks.

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Source: NSE

If any sector has dragged the market the most, it must be the automobile sector. The festival-led sales dipped as the festive season ended, which may have affected the sector today. Moreover, the volatility in the crude oil market is another factor affecting the market. 

Let’s take a look at the top nifty gainers and losers today. 

Top 5 Nifty Gainer Stocks Today

Stocks Previous Day’s Closing PriceLTPChange (%)
Source: NSE
  1. Divi’s Laboratory: The topmost nifty gainer today has been Divi’s Lab, which has gained 1.99% and closed for 3672.50 during today’s session. The stock has followed the healthcare sector, which is in green today. 
  2. Bharti Airtel: This telecom company has come in the nifty gainers list with gains of around 1.74% during the day. The company has recently announced share allotment, which will increase its paid-up equity capital by Rs. 2.8 Tcr. 
  3. Wipro: The IT sector has been pulling up the market the most since the previous market session. The IT giant gained today 1.20% during the day to become the third top nifty gainer. 
  4. HCL Technologies: Another IT stock on the list of nifty gainers, which is again driven by an upsurge in the IT sector as a whole. This stock has increased by 1.05% today and closed at 1322.85, which was earlier at 1309.15. 
  5. Coal India: This fuel company is the fifth top nifty gainer of the day. The stock price has increased from 348.25 to 345.25, a gain of 0.87%. The investors’ meeting, scheduled earlier, has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Top 5 Nifty Loser Stocks Today 

Stocks Previous Day’s Closing PriceLTPChange (%)
Source: NSE
  1. Adani Enterprise: Today’s top nifty loser has been Adani Enterprise, which tanked 2.62% during the day. The stock price went down to 2151 from 2208.80 during today’s session. This is also quite influenced by the sluggish market and the metals industry, which ended in the red today. 
  2. Bajaj Finance: After RBI banned its most popular lending products, the financial service company ended up in the red, and today is no exception. Today, the stock has lost 2.15% and ended at 7065.75, down from its previous close of 7221. 
  3. Mahindra & Mahindra: As the automobile sector plunged the most today, this stock in the list of top nifty losers should not be a surprise. M&M dipped by 1.99% today following the sluggish auto market. 
  4. SBI Life: In the previous session, this stock became one of the top gainers, while today, it is the third nifty loser, losing 1.91% during the day and closing at 1387. The company has recently issued ESOPs and held its board meeting. 
  5. Ultratech Cement: This construction material was also included in the list of top five nifty losers, which lost 1.43% during the day and ended at 8664.80. The company has an investors’ meeting today, which may affect the stock price today. 

Wrapping up

The market was undoubtedly slow today, but the drop has been marginal. While the auto sector dragged the market today, the IT sector has given the push required. 

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