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Nifty Closing: NSE Top Gainers & Loser Stocks 13th Nov ’23

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Gainers & Losers Today 13th Nov

After yesterday’s Muhurat Trading on Diwali, the market went up. Today, the market tanked majorly, with losses coming in from almost all the sectors. IT, financial services, and consumer durables sectors were why the market fell right after Diwali. 

Nifty 50 fell by 0.42% during today’s market session and closed at 19443.55, which went up to 195252.55 at the end of Muhurat Trading session yesterday. Today, there are only 13 stocks that made it to the list of nifty gainers, while the remaining 36, with 1 stock unchanged from the previous session, ended in the red, increasing the count of nifty losers. 

image 36
Source: NSE

Top 5 NIFTY Gainer Stocks Today 

Even though the market fell today with most sectors in the red, these five nifty gainers made it to the top with some significant gains. 

Stocks Previous Closing PriceLTPChange (%)
Source: NSE
  1. Coal India: Even in a falling market, the price of this energy sector stock went up significantly, as it has released the increase in its production and sales for the quarter that ended on 30 September 2023 compared to the corresponding quarter in the previous financial year. The stock gained 5.26% and closed at 349.25, while its last close was 331.80. 
  2. Eicher Motor: This auto Company recorded the highest-ever operating revenue in Q2 as it went up by 17% on a YoY basis. This result has pushed the stock to rise today and gain 1.69%. 
  3. Hindalco: This metals and mining stock gained today as the metals sector increased slightly in today’s session. This is purely based on the sectoral performance as the company’s financial results for Q2, released on 10 November, showcased a drop of 11% in its profits. The stock went up by 1.11% during today’s market session. 
  4. M&M: This stock has also gone up today following its release of quarterly results on Friday. The company’s revenue has increased by 20% on a YTD basis while at 17% on a YoY basis. The profits (PAT) have increased by 79% on a YTD basis while at 67% on a YoY basis. The stock price today has gained 0.75% and closed at 1537.65. 
  5. BPCL: This oil & gas company is one of the nifty gainers today with a rise of 0.62% as the oil & gas sector went flat today and did not drop like other sectors. The reason behind this is the cooling down of oil prices in the global market. 

Top 5 NIFTY Loser Stocks Today 

Let’s look at the stocks that made the market fall today. The top nifty losers include the following stocks – 

Stocks Previous Closing PriceLTPChange (%)
Source: NSE
  1. SBI Life: This financial services stock has fallen the most, with a loss of 2.26% in today’s session. The overall financial services sector was sluggish throughout the day and dragged the market down. Moreover, the company has its scheduled investors meeting this week. 
  2. Bajaj Finance: Another finance service on the list of top nifty losers. This stock lost 1.25%, tracking the plunging financial services sector. However, the company came up with its half-yearly report on Friday, which displays impressive growth. The new loans during this half of the year went up by 30% compared to the same period in the previous financial year. Similarly, the customer franchise grew by 22% during the same period.
  3. Grasim: This construction material stock fell today in a falling market by 1.24% as the realty sector fell today significantly. The stock’s closing price today was 1922, down from its previous close at 1946.10.
  4. Infosys: Apart from financial services, the IT sector has been one of the top losers today, and Infosys came under this radar. The stock lost 1.04% today, which is mainly a market reaction. Recently, Infosys collaborated with Better to offer services in the mortgage space. 
  5. Nestle India: This FMCG stock also came under selling pressure in the market and became a top nifty loser today. The stock lost 1.03% and closed at 24032.05, down from its 242830.35. 

Wrapping up

The sluggish market sentiments have been mainly induced by adverse global cues. PSU banks and metal sectors were the only ones escaping this falling spree.

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