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Nifty Closing: Top Loser Stocks Today

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Nifty Closing: Top Loser Stocks Today

Today, the overall market sentiment was positive, with the Nifty 50 gaining around 0.59% at the end of the day. However, the IT sector had been in the red throughout the day. Nifty IT declined by 0.30% by the end of the day, and the closing price stood at 31,784.40. 

Today’s top losers, such as LTIMindtree, Infosys, HCL Tech, and Tech Mahindra, are from the IT sector. Let’s see the top ten losers stocks for the day. 

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Top 10 losers stocks today

StocksLast Traded PricePrevious Day’s Closing PriceChange (%)
Adani Enterprise24162475.25-2.39
HCL Technologies12371240.90-0.39
Nestle India2245322538.45-0.38
Tech Mahindra12251229.50-0.37
Power Grid200.20200.75-0.27
Asian Paints31663170.35-0.14
Source: NSE
  1. Adani Enterprise: The biggest loser stock today was Adani Enterprise. It lost around 2.39% in today’s session. This metal and mining company’s price dropped after NMDC-CMDC canceled its agreement with Adani Enterprise yesterday. 
  2. LTIMindtree: This stock fell by 1.14% during today’s session due to the negative sentiments around the IT sector. The rising interest rates in the West have been a concern for the IT sector and led to decreased demand, affecting LTIM. 
  3. Infosys: This IT stock’s price fell by 0.68% again due to the decreasing IT industry demand. Today, another reason behind the fall of these IT stocks is a bleak report by Accenture for the FY 2023-24. 
  4. HCL Tech: HCL Technologies declined by 0.39% in today’s session. Yesterday, the share price of HCL Tech closed at Rs. 1241.90, while today, the closing price dropped to Rs. 1237. 
  5. Nestle India: This top loser today is an FMCG giant that dropped by 0.38% in today’s session. The dip in the price came as UBS lowered the rating for the stock. “Analysts at brokerage UBS have downgraded the rating on Nestle India to ‘neutral’ from ‘buy’ earlier as they see the higher valuation of the stock limiting upside.” (CNBC TV18)
  6.  Tech Mahindra: Another Information Technology company on the list of top losers today. Tech Mahindra also lost around 0.37% of its share price today due to the global negative sentiment around the IT sector. 
  7. TCS: This tech giant has lost 0.33% in today’s session, which pulled down its share price to Rs. 3525 at the end of the day. Yesterday, the share ended at Rs. 3536.75, and today it dropped by 11.75 points. 
  8. Titan: This consumer durable business also witnessed a drop in its share price today. The stock price dipped by 0.27% from Rs. 3157.25 in the previous market session to Rs. 3148.80 in today’s session. 
  9. Power Grid: This power stock plunged today by 0.27%. However, just two days back, the company acquired Ananthpuram Kurnool Transmission Limited to establish a transmission scheme for solar energy in different places in Andhra Pradesh. 
  10. Asian Paints: The tenth top loser stock today is Asian Paints, which dipped by 0.14% in today’s session. The decrease in the share price can be attributed to the rising prices of crude and the sad demise of the company’s co-founder, Ashwin Dani, yesterday

While the IT sector mainly witnessed selling pressure today, stocks from other sectors, such as Adani Enterprise, Nestle India, and Power Grid, came under the radar. Twelve out of Nifty 50’s fifty stocks ended up in the red. 

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