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What Changed in the Global & Indian Stock Market Overnight?

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What Changed in the Indian Stock Market Overnight?

The Indian stock market, comprising the Sensex and Nifty 50 indices, is gearing up for a promising Tuesday opening. Global cues, marked by the performance of Asian and US markets, paint a positive picture.

On the other hand, the US stock market concluded its session positively, thanks to dovish comments from US Federal Reserve officials that reduced the likelihood of further central bank interest rate hikes. However, amidst the financial euphoria, investors are keeping a close eye on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East, wary of its potential repercussions on the stock market.

Let’s dive into the details and explore what’s making the headlines in the stock market today.

Monday witnessed domestic equity indices snapping their two-day winning streak, ending the day with substantial losses. The Nifty 50 recorded a 0.72% decline, closing at 19,512.35, while the Sensex also experienced a 0.73% dip, concluding the day at 65,512.39.

Indian Stock Market Landscape

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine in the Indian market. All sectors and market cap-based indices dipped, with micro-cap and small-cap stocks taking the hardest hit. Brent crude prices surged to $86.83 per barrel, partly driven by the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

Sectoral Snapshot

Sectors that faced headwinds included PSU banks and media stocks, which emerged as the top losers in today’s trading session.

Top GainersStock Price (Rs)% Change
Dr Reddy’s5,494.851.29%
HCL Tech1,249.600.96%
Tata Consumer880.650.67%
Source: BQPrime Markets
Top LosersStock Price (Rs)% Change
Adani Ports790.05-4.90%
Hero Moto2,955.10-2.73%
HDFC Life615.15-2.50%
Source: BQPrime Markets

Global Green Lights: Asian and US Markets

Asian markets are basking in the green glow of optimism. Here’s a quick snapshot of the key movers

MarketGain Percentage
Nikkei 2252.00%
Hang Seng Futures(Upbeat)
S&P/ASX 2001.10%
Source: BQPrime Markets

A noticeable surge in these markets sets the stage for a promising start in India, with Gift Nifty indicating a gap-up opening.

Wall Street: A Dovish Turnaround

In the US, the stock market experienced a remarkable turnaround. The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 0.59%, the S&P 500 gained 0.63%, and the Nasdaq Composite closed 0.39% higher. Notable moves included defense stocks rallying and airline stocks retreating.

As the global and Indian stock market navigates through geopolitical tensions and inflationary pressures, investors remain watchful. With critical CPI data releases from the US, Europe, and China later this week, the market is poised for more twists and turns.


  1. What is the current state of the Indian stock market?

    The Indian stock market, represented by indices like Sensex and Nifty 50, is poised for a positive opening, influenced by global market performance.

  2. How did the US stock market perform recently?

    The US stock market closed positively due to dovish comments from US Federal Reserve officials, reducing the likelihood of interest rate hikes.

  3. What global events are impacting the stock market?

    The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East is a major concern for investors, as it can affect stock prices.

  4. How did the Indian stock market perform on the previous trading day (Monday)?

    The Nifty 50 recorded a 0.72% decline, closing at 19,512.35, while the Sensex dipped by 0.73%, concluding the day at 65,512.39.

  5. What should investors watch out for in the coming days?

    Investors must be vigilant as the global and Indian stock markets navigate geopolitical tensions and inflationary pressures. Critical CPI data releases from the US, Europe, and China later in the week could lead to further market fluctuations.

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