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7 Financial Lessons From Lord Ganesha

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7 Financial Lessons From Ganesh Chaturthi this Ganesh Chaturti

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 is here, and the festivities have just begun. Popularly celebrated as Vinayaka Chaturthi, the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi commemorates Lord Ganesha’s birth, the deity of new beginnings, good luck, and prosperity.

Lord Ganesha symbolizes financial wellness, economic security, and wealth generation and is always invoked by devotees before the beginning of a new venture. If you have not been able to meet your financial goals for this year, this would be a great time to revamp your investment strategy. And, who better than the God of Wisdom to guide you through?

Lord Ganesha is fondly called ‘Vighnaharta’, which means he is also worshipped as the remover of all troubles. Ganpati is a scholar who possesses knowledge of 14 vidyas and 64 kalas. And every bit of the divine deity exudes education, expertise, and enlightenment. There are unique and distinctive ways in which you can learn a lot from Lord Ganesha’s physical form if you observe keenly.

Performance Creative 2

Build your well-diversified portfolio

Create wealth now!

Build your well-diversified portfolio

Create wealth now!

We bring you the most important financial lessons you can pick from the divine as the Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 celebrations begin.

Lessons To Learn

Sr. No.Lord Ganesha’s FormImportance
1.Big HeadThink big; plan your goals meticulously and long-term
2.Wide EarsBe open to listening; cut through the market clutter
3.Small Sharp EyesKeep a sharp, attentive, and focused approach
4.Huge StomachAccept your decisions and improvise
5.Flexible NoseNever put all your eggs in one basket
6.Strong ToothTimely identify bad investments and replace them

Start today

Lord Ganesha, the harbinger of good luck, holds the unique distinction of being worshipped first in every new beginning. The first step that you need to take to create wealth is to start investing your money. All you must do is start. What better time could it be for you than Ganesh Chaturthi to begin your investing journey?

The power of compound growth will help you significantly if you invest long-term. Remember, the sooner you begin, the better it will be.

GANPATI Gajanana

Project the large picture ahead

Lord Ganesha, worshipped as the God of Wisdom, is devotedly called ‘Gajanana’ by devotees. The big head signifies broad-mindedness and patience. It tells us to look at the bigger picture ahead. You should not have a myopic mindset while setting your financial goals and the roadmap to achieve them.

The elephant-faced head of Ganesha tells you to plan your finances carefully and not rush your crucial financial decisions on hearsay and emotions.

GANPATI Lambakarna 03

An ear that listens is followed by blessings

Another striking feature of Lord Ganesha’s supreme form is the wide ear. He is also revered as Lambakarna by his disciples. Taking a cue from his willingness to listen, one should not get swayed by the market noise. Keep your ears open and learn new strategies to invest your hard-earned money.

The wide ears signify the importance of listening and tell us to separate knowledge and facts from the market clutter.

GANPATI Chinteshwara

If you keep your eyes closed when you buy, be ready to pay

If you focus on Lord Ganesha’s eyes, you will see they are small. But when you observe them, you will see that they are sharp, and hence, devotees call their beloved deity ‘Chinteshwara’. One needs to know the importance of having an eye for detail while investing. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

A sharp, attentive, and focused approach will help you work unwaveringly and steadily toward achieving your financial goals.

GANPATI Lambodaraya

Hunger, work, and sweat are the best herbs (or) Whet your appetite

Lord Ganesha is revered as ‘Lambodaraya’ as he sports a huge belly. It tells you that you should know, or rather, learn to stomach the uncertain market risks. To create wealth, you should have an adequate risk appetite. A well-diversified portfolio will protect your capital in the long run while mitigating risk factors.

Ganpati’s large stomach tells us that no matter how good or bad your investment decisions are, you should have the gumption to accept it, learn from it, and improvise better to achieve your goals.

GANPATI Vakratundaya

Have a nose for something

Affectionately called ‘Vakratundaya’, Lord Ganpati also signifies strength and flexibility. Ganesha’s trunk tells us you should be strong yet flexible when adapting to uncertain market situations. Well, nothing is a certainty when it comes to investing. Its biggest example is the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

The elephant-like trunk teaches us to have a nose for contingencies. You should never put all your eggs in one basket. One should always focus on building a well-diversified portfolio.

GANPATI Ekadantaya

Fight tooth and nail

Lord Ganesha’s followers call the deity ‘Ekadantaya’ due to its broken tooth. It reminds us that even the strongest things can break if not handled with care. It also underscores that despite having only one tooth, one can bounce back from any significant loss and achieve their goal if one adopts the right approach.

The broken tooth – Ganpati’s tusk – signifies that no matter how highly your stocks are performing if they are not well-monitored, they might incur huge losses as well.

There are so many lessons and success mantras that you can learn from Lord Ganesha. The deity’s supreme form embodies intelligence, wisdom, and vital learning. It is up to individuals how they learn these teachings and apply them in real life. However, with Ganpati’s blessings (and lessons), you are bound to succeed sooner or later.

We hope this financial wisdom will help you grow this Ganesh Chaturthi.


Can I start my investing journey this Ganesh Chaturthi?

You should start investing during this Ganesh Chaturthi as it can be a meaningful way to begin your financial journey. However, you should remember that investing is a long-term commitment, and starting to invest is just one small step towards achieving your goals.

What are the most important financial learnings from Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha, a beloved deity in Indian culture, is associated with several life lessons attributed to financial management and success. While these (above article) financial lessons may not be explicit, they offer valuable teachings on beginning your investing journey.

Can I achieve my financial goals by starting my investing journey this Ganesh Chaturthi?

Starting your investment journey, this Ganesh Chaturthi would be a positive gesture. However, the key to achieving your goals depends on your commitment and understanding of the market. Remember, timing the market is not what matters, but the time you invest in the market does.

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