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Adani Group Shares Rise After Supreme Court Verdict

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All Adani Group shares ended in the green yesterday following the Supreme Court’s take on the Hindenburg and Adani case. As the Supreme Court resolved 18 of the 20 PILs filed and SEBI confirmed the completion of its investigation, the Adani stocks started rising.

All seven Adani Group stocks, listed on both NSE and BSE, rose by a significant margin yesterday. Adani’s total Gas went up by whipping 19.97% yesterday, the highest amongst the group.

However,” Avinash Gorakshkar, Head of Research at Profitmart Securities Ltd. said that the rise is sentimental and profit booking may trigger any time. So, one should book profit and exit as there can be sharp downside movement in Adani group shares after profit booking trigger.”

Here is a snapshot of all seven stocks and their price gain from yesterday’s market session.

StocksClosing Price as of 28/11Closing Price as of 27/11Change
Adani Total Gas644.2536.9519.97
Adani Energy Solutions Limited865.1729.118.65
Adni Power446.2397.212.34
Adani Green1052.8937.912.25
Adani Wilmar Limited348.45316.959.94
Adani Enterprise2423.522756.53
Adani Ports837.7795.555.30
Source: NSE

While these Adani group stocks progressed hugely yesterday, Adani Total Gas, Adani Energy Solutions Ltd., and Adani Power reaped the highest benefits. Let’s have a look at these three Adani Group companies.

Adani Total Gas

With one of the broadest distribution networks in India, Adani Total Gas is a leading Fuel company in the country. It offers not only combustible gasses but also electric vehicle charging stations. However, the forte of Adani Total Gas is the biogas it produces and supplies. It has a gas distribution network in 124 districts and 104 e-mobility charging points in 26 places.

Operating revenue of Adani Total Gas has increased by 46% in FY23 to Rs. 4683 crore. However, its PAT only grew by 5% during the same year. During FY23, Adani Total Gas incorporated its first Compressed Biogas (CBG) station in Varanasi.

Adani Energy Solutions Ltd

Formerly Known as Adani Transmission, it gained 18.65% during yesterday’s market session. During FY23, Adani Energy Solution achieved an 8% rise in network addition, while the overall network addition across the country rose only by 3%. Adani Energy secured two major transmission TBCB projects – Khavda II-A and WRSR.

During FY23, the company sales increased as the number of units sold went up by 13.7% on a YoY basis.

The company’s financials for FY23 also look impressive, as revenue grew by 18% to Rs. 13293 crores in FY23. Then, EBITDA increased by 11% to Rs. 6101, and PAT increased by 4% only.

Adani Power

It is India’s largest private-sector thermal power producer, which dates back to 2006. Currently, Adani Power accounts for 15250 MW of power every year. The power plants across India include Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, MP, and other states.

The company is eyeing to produce 16.85 GW of power by June 2027. For this, new thermal power generation projects are in full swing at Godda USTCPP, and another unit is waiting for commissioning – Mahan Phase II.

Coming to the financials, this financial year, Adani Power reported a 35.8% rise in its revenues. The revenues increased from Rs. 31686 crore in FY22 to Rs. 43041 crore in FY23. The EBITDA grew only 3.8% and rose to Rs. 14312 crore from Rs. 13789 crore during the previous financial year. However, PAT rose 118.38% to Rs. 10727 crores in FY23 due to the scheme of amalgamation effects.

While Adani Group shares increased after the Supreme Court’s verdict, it doesn’t mean you must invest in these stocks. Remember, you must look at the fundamentals of the companies for long-term investment opportunities and do your due diligence before you decide.

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