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Global Stock Market Index: 25th February 24 Weekly Recap

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Following a mixed performance last week, global indices resumed their upward trend, showing resilience and confidence in the market. Investors ignored concerns about the reports of economic slowdown and GDP contraction in some major economies during the fourth quarter of 2023. Markets worldwide concluded the week stronger, with the S&P500 and Nikkie 225 reaching new highs.

A snapshot of the major world market indices this week

IndexPrevious Day Change (%)WoW Change (%)
US Markets
Dow Jones0.311.45
S&P 5000.131.76
European Markets
Asian Markets
Nifty 50-0.020.64
Nikkei 2252.142.47
Straits Times-1.19-1.15
Hang Seng-0.102.36
Taiwan Weighted0.191.52
SET Composite-0.310.86
Jakarta Composite-0.61-0.55
Shanghai Composite0.553.24

Blockbuster performance in tech stocks, solid growth in manufacturing, and reduced fears of a recession propel the market to new records. However, inflation remains a concern as it slows down slower than expected, keeping investors on edge about rate cuts.

Nvidia, a US-based technology company, reported strong earnings driven by demand for AI chips and forecasted strong revenue growth in the coming quarters, helping to increase its market capitalization by $277 billion.

Dow Jones

During the week, the index found enough support to continue moving higher and trade close to its all-time high level. In Friday’s session, the index was up by 0.31%, concluding the week with cumulative gains of 1.45%.

S&P 500

The S&P 500 index tested new highs during the week, and general market sentiment remained bullish. In Friday’s session, the index witnessed a bit of selling pressure from the day’s highs and closed the day with 0.13% gains, and weekly, the index was up by 1.76%.


Nasdaq witnessed some profit booking in Friday’s session, which led to a drop of 0.23% in the index. The general AI theme is playing out in the market, pushing the price of tech stocks higher. On a week-on-week basis, the index was up by 1.45%.

The broader European markets were largely positive, but the impact of some European countries’ economic slowdowns continued to exist. During the week, the market was supported by an increased European Consumer Confidence Index and support from US markets.


The FTSE, the UK’s primary stock market index, rose 0.48% on Friday and ended the week down 0.07%. The economy is struggling to get out of the woods as persistent inflationary conditions cause a drop in UK consumer confidence.


CAC 40, the French stock market index, was up by 0.69% during Friday’s session, and on a week-on-week basis, the index gained 2.56%. The French government highlighted fiscal tightening amid concerns of slowing economic growth, affecting market sentiment.


Despite challenging economic conditions, DAX, Germany’s primary stock market index, continued its positive momentum throughout the week. The index gained 0.28% in Friday’s session and concluded the week with cumulative gains of 1.76%.    

The Asian markets were largely positive this week, with support coming from the US markets, and the unsurprising FOMC meeting minutes kept investors calm. All eyes are now on China and how they fix the economy, which is showing growing signs of stress.

Nifty 50

It was a mixed week for India’s benchmark index, which witnessed some profit booking. Despite economic challenges in other major economies, the Indian economy remains resilient, maintaining investor confidence. The Nifty50 failed to hold on to its gains on Friday, falling 0.02%, while the index was up 0.64% week on week.

Nikkei 225

After a gap of 34 years, the Nikkei 225 finally succeeded in breaking above its previous high, a psychological hurdle. In Friday’s session, the index was up by 2.14%, concluding the week with a cumulative gain of 2.47%.

Straits Times

Singapore’s primary stock exchange, Straits Times, was under pressure amid disappointing earnings data. On Friday, the index was down by 1.19%, and on a week-on-week basis, it recorded a loss of 1.15%.

Hang Seng

The index continued its positive momentum to inch higher for the nine straight days of gains in a row. On a week-on-week basis, the index gained 2.36%. A surprise rate cut by China’s central bank to spur the economy caught investors off guard during the week.

Taiwan Weighted

A rally in US tech stocks helped the index to continue its positive momentum through the week. On Friday’s session, the index posted gains of 0.19% and, on a week-on-week basis, 1.52%.


Rising exports and a rally in technology stocks helped the South Korean index remain green. On Friday, the index gained 0.13% and closed the week with cumulative gains of 0.72%.

SET Composite

Thailand’s primary index, the SET Composite, traded on a weak note on Friday and was down by 0.31%. And, on a week-on-week basis, the index gained 0.86%.

Jakarta Composite

Profit booking resulted in the index closing the week in red territory. The index fell 0.61% on Friday and 0.55% every week.

Shanghai Composite

The Shanghai Composite, China’s benchmark index, reclaimed the psychologically important level of 3,000 this week, displaying strong performance. In Friday’s session, the index was up by 0.55%, and on a week-on-week basis, it was up by 3.24%.

Wrapping Up

The global markets appear poised for continued resilience and growth, buoyed by positive momentum and investor confidence. Despite concerns such as inflation and economic slowdowns, recent market trends suggest underlying strength in the market. However, staying informed and monitoring emerging trends will be crucial for navigating the challenging market condition.

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