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Reuters: India on Track To Be The Fastest-growing Economy

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Reuters: India on Track To Be The Fastest-growing Economy


In a recent Reuters poll, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) is poised to surge by an impressive 6.2% in the fiscal year concluding in March 2024. This staggering growth solidifies India’s position as the fastest-growing major economy this fiscal year.

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Source: Reuters Poll

Promising Projections for FY25

Looking forward to the next fiscal year (FY25), the outlook remains optimistic, with the economy projected to expand by 6.3%, aligning with last month’s predictions. Notably, the forecasts for FY24 exhibited a notable range, varying from 4.6% to 7.1%, showcasing a diversity of perspectives among economists.

Anticipated Moderation in Growth

Despite an impressive 7.8% expansion in the last quarter, signs indicate that economic growth might taper. Expectations point towards a decline to 6.4% in the July-September quarter, followed by a further dip to 6.0% in October-December. The trajectory is projected to continue, potentially reaching 5.5% in early 2024.

Downside Risks in Forecast

However, it’s imperative to acknowledge potential challenges. When economists were queried about the risks to their GDP growth projections for FY 2023/2024, a majority, specifically 22 out of 36, voiced concerns that the risks are tilted towards the downside.

Government Spending and Election Impact

Government expenditure is anticipated to significantly influence economic growth momentum, especially in light of the upcoming general election in May. Nonetheless, a prevailing sentiment among economists is that the anticipated growth may fall short of its full potential. Additionally, the ongoing dry monsoon season could pose a constraint, given that agriculture constitutes nearly half of the country’s workforce.

India’s economic landscape for the upcoming fiscal year is marked by high expectations and noteworthy challenges. While the projected growth is impressive, it’s essential to remain vigilant of potential downside risks and external factors that may influence the trajectory.


  1. What factors contribute to India's impressive GDP growth?

    India's impressive GDP growth can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, a burgeoning consumer market and a large, youthful population have bolstered domestic consumption.

    Additionally, the government's initiatives to promote investment and ongoing economic reforms have attracted domestic and foreign investors. Robust technological, manufacturing, and service performance has also driven economic expansion.

  2. What role does government spending play in sustaining economic growth?

    Government spending is crucial in sustaining economic growth by stimulating demand and investment. In India, targeted expenditure on infrastructure projects, social welfare programs, and initiatives to boost key industries can multiplier the economy.

    It not only creates jobs but also enhances productivity and competitiveness. However, it's essential for such spending to be well-directed and balanced to ensure long-term sustainability.

  3. Why is the agriculture sector particularly significant for India's economic outlook?

    For several reasons, the agriculture sector holds paramount importance in India's economic outlook. Firstly, it employs a substantial portion of the country's workforce, directly impacting livelihoods and income distribution.

    Moreover, agricultural performance has a ripple effect on related industries such as food processing and agribusiness. Given India's agrarian heritage, the sector's stability and growth are integral to overall economic well-being and social stability.

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