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Explore Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio: Top Holdings, Investment Strategy, and More

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Vijay Kishanlal Kedia, a renowned Indian stock market investor, is celebrated for his exceptional investment acumen and well-diversified portfolio. In this article, we will delve into Vijay Kedia’s portfolio, background, top holdings, and the investment strategies that have contributed to his success in the ever-fluctuating market.

Who is Vijay Kedia?

Vijay Kedia is a prominent figure in India, recognized for his philanthropy, entrepreneurial ventures, and investment prowess. As the founder of Kedia Securities, a Mumbai-based investment firm, he has gained acclaim for his strategic, long-term approach to investing, cultivating a profitable portfolio that includes investments in esteemed companies like Reliance Industries, Maruti Suzuki, and Titan Company. Beyond his financial acumen, Kedia extends his influence by mentoring numerous emerging entrepreneurs and actively participating in start-up investments.

Mr.Kedia’s investment strategy is centered on identifying organizations with strong fundamentals, exceptional management, and promising future prospects. He emphasizes the importance of diversification across various sectors and markets, holding stakes in multiple industries alongside his commitments to nurturing start-ups and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs.

Vijay Kedia has garnered recognition through various significant accomplishments, showcasing his prowess in the financial realm. In 2004, the Bombay Stock Exchange honored him with the prestigious “Trader of the Year” award, acknowledging his exceptional contributions. Forbes magazine underscored his financial prominence in 2018 by placing him among the top 100 wealthiest Indians.

Beyond his financial acumen, Kedia has established himself as an influential author, penning insightful books on stock trading such as “The Art of Stock Trading” and “The Secret of Successful Investing.” Renowned for his expertise, he frequently graces investment conferences as a speaker and has been prominently featured in distinguished publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The Economic Times.

Vijay Kedia Investing Journey

Vijay Kedia’s journey traces back to his roots in a traditional stockbroker family with a modest business. Despite his initial exposure to the financial market through family ties, Kedia’s passion for the market flourished from a young age. At 14, he began trading alongside his grandfather.

Facing unexpected challenges following his father’s untimely demise, Kedia aspired to establish his firm but was hindered by financial constraints. Forced to work in the family’s stockbroking business, he soon realized that trading stocks did not align with his aspirations. Consequently, he transitioned to stock investment at 19, experiencing both successes and setbacks.

Understanding the transient nature of financial markets, Kedia’s fortunes fluctuated. Initially accumulating wealth, he encountered significant losses due to high-risk trading practices. A notable incident involved losing Rs 70,000 at Hindustan Motors, leading to his mother selling her jewelry to cover the losses. Despite recovering, this setback left an enduring impact, prompting Kedia to abandon trading.

Embarking on entrepreneurial ventures such as a failed tea estate supply business, Kedia eventually returned to the stock market, abandoning trading in 1989 for a more sustainable investment approach. In 1993, he founded Kedia Securities, initially facing challenges but eventually emerging as a thriving financial services firm.

Kedia’s journey is characterized by resilience, learning from failures, and a strategic shift from trading to investment. His success story has inspired aspiring investors, positioning him as a role model in the Indian financial industry. Known for his humility and steadfast commitment to investment principles, Vijay Kedia continues to shape the investment landscape in India with his simple yet effective philosophy.

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Vijay Kedia Portfolio Overview

Vijay Kedia’s investment strategy is widely recognized for its emphasis on diversification and long-term perspectives. He is acclaimed for his hands-on approach to investments, particularly in companies with robust foundations. Over time, Kedia has delivered remarkable returns, drawing considerable attention from investors and financial analysts who scrutinized his investment portfolio.

Let us look at the Top 10 stocks of the Vijay Kedia portfolio

Name of CompanyYear-to-date-return
Om Infra271%
Patel Engineering255%
Innovators Facade Systems231%
Neuland Laboratories219%
Talbros Automotive Components168%
Elecon Engineering158%
Precision Camshafts148%
Repro India140%
Affordable Robotic & Automation117%
Atul Auto107%

Sector Allocation In The Vijay Kedia Portfolio

Within Vijay Kedia’s portfolio, the majority of holdings are strategically distributed across various sectors:

Automotive: Kedia has established a notable presence in the automotive sector, with substantial investments in companies like Atul Auto, Precision Camshafts, and Patel Engineering.

Engineering: Another substantial segment of Vijay Kedia’s portfolio stocks lies in the engineering sector, featuring investments in companies such as Elecon Engineering. These entities engage in diverse engineering activities, including manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure development, aligning well with Kedia’s optimism about the growth of the Indian economy.

Hotels: Recognizing the potential within the hospitality sector, Vijay Kedia has ventured into the hotel industry. His investments extend to established hotel chains and companies in the travel and tourism domain, with significant stakes in stocks like Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India.

FMCG: While holding a smaller position, Kedia has included the FMCG sector in his portfolio, with investments in companies like Heritage Foods and Cera Sanitaryware. These entities focus on manufacturing and selling consumer goods, and Kedia anticipates them benefiting from the expanding Indian middle class.

Vijay Kedia Investment Approach

Dr. Vijay Kedia follows the SMILE investing philosophy: Small size, Medium experience, Large desire, and Extra-large market potential. He advocates this strategy, advising followers to take bold risks and endure market fluctuations. Kedia emphasizes the importance of investments, knowledge, courage, and patience in navigating the dynamic stock market. With a three-decade track record, he has consistently maintained a fully invested stance throughout his financial career.

Key Insights from Vijay Kedia

  • Embrace Long-Term Investing: Success in the stock market requires patience; growth takes time.
  • Prioritize Competent Management: Invest in companies with transparent and capable leadership.
  • Avoid Dependence on the Market: Don’t rely on the stock market for your livelihood; maintain a backup income source.
  • Stay Balanced: Maintain an even mindset, avoiding extreme optimism or pessimism in different market trends.

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In conclusion, delving into Vijay Kedia’s latest portfolio unveils a collection of stocks and a strategic approach to wealth creation. Investors can draw inspiration from his success story and implement key learnings into their investment journeys.


  1. What is the Vijay Kedia strategy?

    Vijay Kedia's strategy revolves around thorough research, a long-term vision, and the identification of fundamentally strong companies. He emphasizes market trends, industry analysis, and prudent risk management.

  2. How did Vijay Kedia become rich?

    Vijay Kedia accumulated wealth through astute investment decisions in the stock market, identifying multibagger stocks, and maintaining a disciplined and patient approach to wealth creation.

  3. What is the net worth of Kedia Group?

    According to the most recent corporate shareholding disclosures, Vijay Kishanlal Kedia holds a public stake in 15 stocks, amounting to a total net worth exceeding Rs. 1,494.1 Cr.

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